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Strange and Wonderful

Forums ► Welcome ► Strange and Wonderful

Strange and Wonderful
Post # 1
I was involved in an accident over two years ago that left me in a wheelchair for over a year. I was able to overcome my dissability and walk again,and regain my life back. I have been opened up to new ways of thinking and learning about myself and my place in the universe. I have had this feeling of doom and gloom lately and the overwhelming sense of negative energy surrounding me...I like to keep a positive attitude about things and try to see all things as necessary to help me learn life's lessons to be a better man,friend and companion. I am seeking advice for the first time and not sure where to begin. I know I have this great presence and have been told by many that they can feel my energy good and bad as soon as I enter a room...I want to dispell the negative in my life and open the doors to the rest of my life with a clean slate and be open and receptive to my greatest good....I feel lost and alone and know that I have a purpose here on earth,otherwise I would have died in the accident. I have read that others are looking for mentors,but I am 43 and not sure that someone would actually take on and older student. I am at a point in my life where traditional religious beliefs are not enough and the more I listen to my inner voice and keep an open mind about who I am and what I am and what authority I have on earth and how to claim my place on it that I may help others according to the will of God,Universe. If after reading this you feel compelled to help,please offer any advice as to how to get started on my new path and how to get rid of this negative energy that seems to be surrounding me. Thankyou for your help and advice. Peace,Love,Light.
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Re: Strange and Wonderful
Post # 2
great news and im happy to hear such an inspireing story, please by all means feel free to ask me or a Mod , / HP or Hpest or any other member you feel drawn to, any questions you wish , read lots of material stay open to the spirit of creatrion and the spirit of change , look for friendship, bleesed feasts , and a life of joy , . your best bet is to hit the forums for advice and the beginners section , join a coven whin you feel that one fits you or you it, keep an open mind and remem,ber that without laughter joy and love in your life the negativity will over whelm you, learn the basics first, meditation , grounding clearing and symbolism , and astrology is helpful if your familiar with it , if not dont jump to heavenly into it at first, and no matter what path you take or how bad your life seems life will go on and so to shall this pass away as a shadow in the morning breeze, may the light always shine upon you and the darkness always comfort you in your moments of weakness ,
with light love and vengeance , may there be a road
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Re: Strange and Wonderful
Post # 3
Firstly i would like to say trust me i know what it's like to be in the same situation ive also been there.
Iv'e had similar circumstances to you a few years back, i had a devastating event happen in my life and was down depressed and negative about life.

It took me a very long time to recover but with determination, will and the love of my family i got through it all.
I re-took up my magickal path and found myself once more it's not been an easy ride, bumpy,hard but i got there in the end.
Maybe this will give others hope never to give up on wanting to better oneself.my rehabilitation was tough but im much stronger and determined to succeed at anything life throws at me.

First steps into magick, meditation, grounding,centering,moon phases,days best for casting spells,colors,elements, chakras,visualisation,energy flow and manipulation, circle casting, tools ectra.

If you are able to take a bath do a cleansing bath to rid yourself of negativity.

Pour one cup of boiling water over one heaped teaspoon of dried basil.

Allow it to stand for awhile to create a strong infusion,then add it to your bath, pouring the bath water over your head also.

Once you have soaked in the bath for awhile pull out the plug and remain in the tub while visualising your negative emotions pouring down the plug hole with the water.

Burn some dragons blood incense also.

Best of luck to you hope you achieve all you desire out of life.

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Re: Strange and Wonderful
Post # 4
Well said Ginseng. :)

Now then besides what is mentioned above by Ginseng might I add a few things as well...

Be ready to read a great deal, try to succeed in the ability to self teach; it will get you far even in the occurrence you find a mentor. In order to be more successful even not in the event that you become a practitioner but one of more studying there will be points that you meet tough decisions and you find yourself utterly clueless; just remember to hold it strong, magic can be extremely complex but if it was discovered, it can be understood so don't lose faith in your ability to learn.
- A small tip is that meditation can be used for far more than just clearing your mind; one thing in particular is sorting information recently picked up.
So if you ever feel overwhelmed by any information you may take in when learning magic, just sit down, relax, meditate, and take it easy for the rest of the day.

Now then- just because you're older does not mean you're incapable of learning, so there's no reason you shouldn't be able to find a mentor or join a coven that will be able to teach you or help you with whatever you need.

:) Good luck and remember to be kind to your body, mind, and soul
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Re: am worried
Post # 5
How will i know am a witch? I always eat in my dreams, i see snakes lying by my side, i see mermaids, i behave strangly, i consulted a spell castar, and he told me that, someone gave me witchcraft, and is now beginning to grow, i feel pain in my stomach, pls help me, am in a dilemma.
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Re: Strange and Wonderful
Post # 6
Being a witch is a chosen path, no one but you can determine whether or not you choose to be one.

This pain... perhaps it's nothing magic related- perhaps you're just hungry or something didn't settle well in your stomach.
*Keep in mind, even as a witch, not everything is magic related. Look for more practical reasons, explanations, and solutions when faced with situations before turning to magic.
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Re: Strange and Wonderful
Post # 7
well put and constituted! i wonder what other information will our lady snow concoct up for us ^_^
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Re: Strange and Wonderful
Post # 8
Thank you all for your advice and your caring. As I am drawn into a new day I am led by the knowledge that everything that happens to me is either a return of Karma,or something that the universe or God or Goddess has placed in my life to learn from. I used to see situations as bad or good,I see them now as learning experiences to better myself and help build me up to whatever upcoming events that may transpire. I have been learning about the suggestions and comments made here,though meditation is difficult for me as I am ADD, and have trouble concentrating. I am learning candle magic now and I must admit that I am a little nervous about doing the LBR,and thus opening the door into another dimension that I may or may not have ever been a part of. I feel such negativity lately and thought about using the black candle in the bowl technique to remove whatever negative energy that others may have sent my way or are just bent because I don't see things the way that they do. I have often wondered if I have been cursed or had a negative spell place upon me,but never sure just how to deal with it. I am positive that I can overcome anything,however I would like to rid myself of harmful things and even people in my life that I may grow spiritually through magic which I consider to be the fundamental element of life itself and creation. Peace Love, Light.
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Re: Strange and Wonderful
Post # 9
Thank you for taking the time to respond to my query. I will try your suggestions. Peace,Love,Light.
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Re: Strange and Wonderful
Post # 10
Thank you for your response. I was afraid no one was listening. I am learning new things every day now. I am apprehensive about some aspects of Magik or Magic and have noticed that there are two distinct paths that could be chosen. I am not into black magic and wish harm to no one,however I do see that with knowledge and prudence that all magic can be used for the good of all. Peace,Love ,Light
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