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Mental Strength potion

Forums ► Other Spells Discussion ► Mental Strength potion
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Mental Strength potion
Post # 1
What you will need:
A spring of Mint
A stick of Cinnamon
A cup of water
Small pot or cauldron
Heat source
Athame or Knife
Wand, or stirring rod
Cup, goblet, chalice... something to drink out of.

This potion can serve any number of purposes related to mental strength. It can be used to increase psychic awareness, strengthen comprehension skills, induce prophetic dream, and has many uses beyond those listed here. It's preparation is simple, and the potion itself also has an enjoyable flavor when finished.

Cinnamon has always traditionally been used to stimulate the mind and increase Spiritual vibrations. Mint is generally associated with healing, however it has also been used to cure headaches. The purpose of it in this particular potion is to reduce the sometimes-painful effects of study or divination.

Enchant the Mint and Cinnamon for the purpose you have in mind. It is important to enchant herbs before using them in any potion, to help attune their natural energy for the purpose you want them to serve. For this particular potion, increasing mental strength and psychic awareness is the general purpose.

Using your Athame (Or a clean knife, if you prefer not to use your Athame, many traditions believe that it should never be used for cutting, I personally use mine as much as possible to attune it's energy), cut all the leaves from the sprig of mint. Slice each leaf in half, and place all pieces into the water. Place the pot/cauldron onto your heat source, and place the Cinnamon Stick into the pot. Repeat the following incantation seven times, stirring the potion with your wand (or stirring rod if you prefer not to use your wand) three times with each recitation:

It is my will that this potion will strengthen my mind.

If you wish, you can write your own incantation to suit your needs for the potion. It does not need to rhyme, just be sure that it's a clear statement of intent, and do not use any words with negative connotation (Can't, Won't, etc). Continue stirring with your wand or stirring rod, and visualize yourself studying, meditating, or dreaming. After an additional twenty-one stirs, let the potion heat. Once it begins to simmer, let it continue for three minutes before removing it from heat.

Be sure that whatever container you plan on pouring the potion into is clean, and fit to drink from, and can safely hold hot liquid. Remove the leaves and Cinnamon Stick from the potion; discard. Pour the potion into your container, and allow it to cool for at least 10 minutes before drinking. When you drink the potion, focus on exactly the purpose you wish the potion to serve.

Clean off your wand, Knife/Athame, and wash out your pot/cauldron and whatever you drank the potion from when complete. It's a good habit to have; you don't want residual energy from previous potions mixing with any potions you wish to make in the future.
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Re: Mental Strength potio
Post # 2
If this is original, then I applaud you, this is absolutely amazing. If it is ok with you, can I show it to other friends? (No plagiarism here)
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Re: Mental Strength potion
Post # 3
This is 100% original, inspiration comes from Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs, only insomuch that I was able to determine the traditional uses of herbs from that particular book.

Feel free to show it to whomever :)
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Re: Mental Strength potion
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Not bad at all , and I love the making process elaboration and attention You have put on details.
Mint is great for strenghtening the mind in the time of need, for uncrossing and fee other.
As for it psyhic inducing abilities , sure , but in such case mainly in formof incense , combined with someother herbs.
Cinnamon is a fire herbs that gives strenght and power , attracts money and customers , induces lust and psyhic abilities. So it's fine addition to the mint.

I would suggest some more possible ingredients : nutmeg or mace ( they give mental power ) grape juice or alternativelly vine ( truth , wisdom , mental vigor , lust ) , perhaps some gem elixir as adition , ones associated with mind powers ( let's name just a few fluorite , citrine , quartz , amethyst etc. ).

Also except Scott Cunningham try reading Gerinas Dunwich and Ann Moura books on herbs and herbalism , green magick and alike

But all in all very good potion.

Blessings !
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Re: Mental Strength potion
Post # 5
Oh Obscurus just give the beauty of originality away will ya'...
;) jk

Now then, I must say this is a strong, piece of work. It shows you having the interest in doing a fine job. High quality I'd say, the herbs are simple but the use in the traditional manner is awesome.

I rarely have much to say about potions but the apparent deep thought put into this really impresses me. :)

I know you must get this kind of praise a lot, or is not a commonly seen occasion of you giving such easy access to your personally, created material?

Just stopping in to give some happy words (I'm feeling cheery today) :D
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Re: Mental Strength potion
Post # 6
Most of my personally created material is rather personal, or it's purpose is too specific for general use, but I try my best to submit a few things every now and again :) Thanks for all the feedback!

I try not to mix organic with inorganic, in my experience the resonant energies vibrate differently and can sometimes contrast each other, but I do like the idea of the addition of Nutmeg.
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