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Forums ► Misc Topics ► Werewolves?
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Post # 1
I was wondering if some people could tell me some characteristics of real werewolves. I think I'm a spiritual werewolf, but I just recently read a book that stated that hereditary werewolves don't change until age 18, and I was wondering if that is true. I also know there are different types so I'm curious at some details.

Re: Werewolves?
Post # 2
I am a real werewolf but i dont change on fullmoon i just change sometimes...at morning when i get up i fell like i have been beaten up with baseball bats and im not even 18 yet.I Hate vampyres and i dont kill humans only animals

Re: Werewolves?
Post # 3
Witchiepoo, based on what Cain said, I would say don't listen to that.

Here's what I know, copy and pasted from the given lessons.

The word 'Lycan' is short for lycanthrope/lycanthropy. Lycanthropy is the study or condition of shapeshifting into a wolf. A lycanthrope, or a person with lycanthropy, is a person who can shape shift into the full form of a Wolf while on the Astral Plane as well as become more Wolf-like on the Material Plane(mentally). Lycans may inherit their animal kinship from relatives and may feel the need to feed on raw/rare meat. A lycan can be born with vampirism and, in that case, is called a werepry.

Physical Traits-
Lycans tend to have certain physical traits such as sharper teeth then is normal for a non-lycan, faster growing or thicker hair, and faster growing or stronger nails. Fast healing is said to be a lycan trait as well. Senses being slightly increased, such as smell and hearing, are also traits of lycanism. Lycans also tend to have a knack for identifying other lycans.

Personality Traits-
Personality traits would include a wolf-like perspective on things, the longing for a social group similar to a pack, loyalty to friends, a dominant lycan would have the urge to lead whereas a submissive lycan would follow, and an unforgiving dislike for traitors."

I wrote this lesson, not all of which is posted here, back when I used the term "lycan" more frequently, as should be obvious. Now I tend to call them werewolves more often simply because that seems to be the most commonly given term.

To my knowledge, an official documentary on werewolves does not exist. Everything I can share is based on my experience with real werewolves. It is possible I was fooled or otherwise failed to make an accurate observation, so while I myself have allot of confidence in what I have found, don't consider 100% guaranteed to be true.

To disclaim a few myths: Werewolves do not shapeshift on the material plane. If you are a "spiritual werewolf" you are a werewolf. Simple as that. Werewolves are not allergic to silver, do not have an ongoing and unexplainable war with vampires(actually vamps and wolves get along quite well, from what I've seen), and do not have any supernatural enhancements such as super strength or speed.

They do not require blood or raw meat, however a desire for it exists in some. More specifically, werewolves do seem to have an urge to hunt at least on occasion, however this can be satisfied in ways other then hunting. Sports, fast paced video/computer games, or a workout routine may satisfy that urge for some.

Howling at the moon, while commonly and mistakenly associated with wolves, is not forced upon nor required for werewolves, although many of those I have met do find it fun. Wolves have never howled at the moon, they howl as a form of communication. Werewolves do not have the need to howl at all because they speak English.

And finally, perhaps most importantly, werewolves are entirely human. This is an indisputable and proven fact. You can dissect a werewolf, run a DNA test, do whatever you want, and every single time the results will be the same- he/she is human.

Re: Werewolves?
Post # 4
Well Khelek, you never know if Cain can shift so you have to give him the benefit of the doubt. But, I doubt she will shift at 18 if she can't shift now then she'll never physically shift unless she works at it.

Re: Werewolves?
Post # 5
As day im human i still have some of my powers left from wolf.I can run fast and pass obstacles easy.Im pretty "big" because i weight 65 kilos but im still fast.

Re: Werewolves?
Post # 6
But its not true that werewolves kill humans.Only animals in my case just like i saed before

Re: Werewolves?
Post # 7
For some odd reason I have a very hard time believing that Cain is a werewolf or that he/she can physically shift. The transformation of the cells alone would be painful enough to kill you.

Re: Werewolves?
Post # 8
Does anybody really know anything about lycans? There is no factual proof other than what the person is finding out themselves. Also, in physical shifting (I'm not saying I can do it) the cells don't morph at all.

Re: Werewolves?
Post # 9
His statement on his profile alone is a dead give away.

Diamo, I think that is a big part of the problem. Everything that we know that could be called fact on or about Kin of any kind is from personal experience and those of others. There is no scientific evidence for anything of this nature. I am not even sure how one would go about collecting any, seeing as how it is a condition of the soul or spirit.

Re: Werewolves?
Post # 10
Diamo, I am not required to give anyone anything that I don't want to. I would not give someone the benefit of a doubt if they claimed to be my father when I know for a fact he/she is not, so I will not give someone the benefit of a doubt for claiming to be capable of something I know he/she is not capable of. There will be no doubt unless he/she can provide proof or at the very least solid evidence supporting the common, and always false, claim.

Black Hex and Raven, I think us three are in agreement.

Diamo, as Black Hex pointed out, "I have made myself a werewolf with spell.I cant tell more about my inner beast" is a valid reason on it's own to disbelieve Cain. This actually made me laugh.

Cells are what makes up the body. If the cells do not change, I would think the body would not change. That, or, the "physical shift" is not really a shift at all, but an illusion. In which case, it is perfectly possible and has been done before. By Hollywood.

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