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No info on Titanium?

Forums ► General Info ► No info on Titanium?
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No info on Titanium?
Post # 1
Just picked through Scott Cunningham's Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gemstone, and Metal Magic, and I couldn't find a single entry on titanium.

I'd like to know what the vibratory energies of Titanium make it suited for. My wedding ring is a simple Titanium band, and I'd like to enchant it, but I cannot find any information on the magickal properties of this metal.

If anyone has any information, I'd love to know, however I'm going to meditate over my ring and try to sense it's energy as well. I'll post if I find anything out.
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Re: No info on Titanium?
Post # 2
I hope this helps, from:


"Titanium is a light, strong metal with low density which seems at home most in an oxygen free environment - space metal, in other words. Use for meditations, explorations and invocations of stellar entities, and interstellar communication."


I don't think there is much metaphysical info on Titanium because it's not something that was traditionally used in occult practices, nor is it a "precious metal", so it gets thrown to the side. Sort of like regular old lawn rocks; people just want the shiny, special gems and don't tap into what's right in front of them.
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Re: No info on Titanium?
Post # 3
Yep, it's a "new metal". "Titanium was discovered in England by William Gregor in 1791 and named by Martin Heinrich Klaproth for the Titans of Greek mythology." (From: Wikipedia)

There is a lot of good information on the metals physical properties and history at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanium
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Re: No info on Titanium?
Post # 4
In my meditation, I found that Titanium is excellent at repelling negative energy.

Also, it seems very ready to absorb positive and elemental energies.

I placed a ward on my ring, basically to help repel negative energy, harmful spells/curses/hexes, and demons. I also enchanted it to amplify positive energy directed at me.
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Re: No info on Titanium?
Post # 5
I know the post is a couple years old but had some reflections on titanium and wanted to share. I recently selected a titanium band to serve as a token of my commitment to the practice of the Craft. The lack of historical use didn't deter me at all; titanium is a natural element, #22 in the Periodic Table, and is the ninth most common element on Earth. In nature, however, it is always combined with other elements and was not separated into pure metal until 1910. Only recently can you even get rings made of this white metal named for the powerful but elusive Titans!
The bright white color suggests moonlight to me, and white magic, but I chose a black anodized ring to signal power cloaked in mystery. My ring has a channel with metallic colors rather like a rainbow, which I take as an invocation of the Elements as a basis for magick. (Not the only basis, but the one that I find most natural.)
Finally, note that I am an engineer and the high strenth-to-weight ratio - highest of any metal! - and association of titanium with spacecraft, aircraft, and high tech in general - all raised it greatly in my esteem. My personal values include hope for a future built on both spiritual and technological advancement, and titanium represents that for me.
Geek note: the hull of the starship Enterprise is built largely out of an advanced future material called "tritanium," so obviously the keepers of the Star Trek trust also felt titanium represents the best of our current materials from an engineering perspective!
Magickal properties - just as a wand helps with focus, visualization, and range for energy projection, I find that this ring acts as an accelerator or catalyst when I need to raise energy. The energy is there fast and at a higher frequency; when doing energy work such as energy constructs and shielding, I find I have to back it off to keep my work from glaring like sunlight, something I had to work at before. This coincides with my having set up an energy vortex around a nature "chapel" I built in my back yard (long story - okay, two long stories) so it's not just this metal; but suffice to say that titanium was a key to my progress.
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Re: No info on Titanium?
Post # 6
Forgot to mention in my previous post that the star sapphire and ruby get their visual 'star' effect from titanium. Titanium is also a component of rutile - and everyone knows the amazing gold threads in rutilated quartz that change its properties.

I might also mention that I consider the metal to be masculine because of its high strength, its brightness, and its strong chemical reactivity, all Fire characteristics; and yet fully compatible with Moon energy. Since as a dude, I feel titanium acts to give me broader access to Moon light, I think it may have the property of acting as a bridge, or a converter, to help one more fully appreciate energy sources one may not have been comfortable using before. An object's gender may be more relevant to the kind of intention you are working with than to your personal gender, but at least for me, I always take both into account. :)

And of course if titanium IS a bridge metal, the bridge can be crossed in both directions.
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