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Ap & the fear

Forums ► Astral Projection ► Ap & the fear
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Ap & the fear
Post # 1
It is natural to be slightly afraid or wary of the unknown and this can
cause people to worry that there are dangers associated with astral
projection. But out of body experiences are really very safe and there
are some wonderful benefits.

Visiting the spiritual plane brings with it a realisation that you are
not dependent on your physical body and that after you die your soul
will still exist. People who practice astral projection often feel they have a much more
profound understanding of the soul and the human condition. With this
comes a feeling of inner calm which can lead to decreased stress levels. Astral projection has also been associated with a greater increase in memory and skills such as creativity astral travel stimulates parts of the brain which are not usually active and this can enhance your overall abilities. It is not just your every day skills that can be improved by astral
projection, there is often an increase in psychic powers. Out of body
experiences can tap into spiritual energies and lead to greater
telepathy, precognition and the ability to sense spirits. Some people
who have previously experienced no psychic ability at all suddenly find
they can both see and read people’s auras. Astral travel will increase your awareness of the world around you and make you feel more alive.

One of the first things that a person does is tense the body up for the fear factor just let go and let God shot of say the is really nothing to fear but our our fears and what has been instilled from other people and there experiences ( which might not have been astral experiences at all but bad dreams )

The experiences that are gained out weigh not trying it at all the first would be to meet and see your spirit guide and the information that can be attained from them and meeting some of our teachers on the astral plane as is taught in Theosophy we meet the Masters that teach us and aide us on our Spiritual path or to the Akashic records finding what we are here to do and the experiences that we are here to learn while we are in the physical body.

Again as we raise our energies we move a step higher on the ladder sort of say gaining in experiences and in reality we are what we are trying to get back to, we are astral energy, astral bodies that have chosen to incarnate in a physical to learn and experience things on the Earth plane.

But as we raise our energies to the higher realms the physical self the lower animal self tries to hinder this, the act of trying to reach the higher realms and that is what some people see when they naturally travel the lower realms of the lower self
which is not a bad thing for the fact that it humbles us to see what we were or going from to where we are moving towards as we raise our energies and vibrations .
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Re: Ap & the fear
Post # 2
Thank you for this post specifically.
It should help a few people.
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Re: Ap & the fear
Post # 3
Awesome Post!
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