Spellcasters Dedication

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Spellcasters Dedication
By: / Beginner
Post # 1
It has come to my attention that the Spellcaster coven is not as highly respected or deemed as it could be. Although this comes to little surprise due to the nature of its structure, I find that it is only the coven members that are at fault(no disrespect just stating how I see it).

The admins sought to create a coven where anyone can join and be able to post spells, rituals and whatever as they liked. Although this is was done in good intentions, the ones that joined(not everyone though) ultimately abused the privilage of having no leaders in the coven. And as thus, the coven now consists of 212 members. Some are dedicated and active, others not so much so, and some have come and gone.

All in all though, it has led to some 1262 spells, and 84 rituals in our spellbook. And although this might sound like an impressive amount, after searching only through a few of them I have come to one obvious conclusion: most of the spells are poorly writen, mostly in the gramical sense(typos like crazy).

And as aware as I am of the fact that the mods say that this coven is being 'looked into' as how to fix the problem, I feel that it should not be the mods that we must look to for our coven to be great, but rather ourselves in the coven that should creat this change.

And so, I write this in hope that I can stir some positive energy towards our coven and within our coven. Energy to edit our own mistakes, to promote proper spell posting, and to help each other and those outside of the coven. To promote our true form, not that of noobville or RP land, but rather of that of honest hard working individuals that are as dedicated as anyone in any other coven.

As such, I end this with a quote from LoTR:

“Frodo: I wish the ring had never come to me. I wish
none of this had happened.

Gandalf: So do all who live to see such times, but that is
not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to
do with the time that is given us.”

The reason I put this here is simple. None of us choose what this coven was like when we first joined it(none of us could really have known before hand). Instead, I choose to stay, to bring about some change in this coven, however that may come to be.

And thus my dedication is as followed(and I hope others will follow up my example to better this coven and ultimately this community):

I dedicate myself to the coven of the Spellcasters. To promote well being of its members. To post only spells that are well writen, both in grammer and in form. To utialize the coven forums in the right nature, first by seeing if there is any previous post that can answer my question, and second by not asking for spells without first looking through the spellbook. So shall it be.

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Re: Spellcasters Dedication
Post # 2
okay glim there are certain people in this site called Editors, Pet made this permission to edit things on the site, as you can tell pet is very busy, and hasnt had time to get EVERYTHING perfect yet, when he does these editors will be editing everything on the site to make sure it isnt of bad quality, meaning they will have the fun job of looking through all the spellbooks, forum posts, rituals, looking at the spells that are grammatically irresponsible and deleting/editing them in a scheme pet will create wether it be straight away or after being approved by a few of the moderation.

just give it time =)
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Re: Spellcasters Dedication
By: / Beginner
Post # 3
Ya, I understand. I guess I'm just getting frustrated is all, lol. I mean I'm one that is all for helping out where I can, especially when I know that I could fix/edit things if given the chance.

But after some venting and all, I've come to another method of helping out the coven and trying to promote some change. The first being some threads in our forum geard toward asking for spells, so that instead of the many threads asking for basically the same thing, there could be just one for all them to go and such.

Well heres hoping,

I don't mean any disrespect to the admins or anything, I know they're all very busy and all and I respect that. Just trying to help out if I can is all.
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Re: Spellcasters Dedication
Post # 4
well glim =) if you are truly dedicated as you say, maybe you'll get noticed and promoted to editor.

just dont ask lol, bad bad decision to ask for it from the admin,i would suggest helping out as often as you can, and letting it come to you.
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Re: Spellcasters Dedication
Post # 5
He seems like a nice of enough person, Glim that is.
Just trust in yourself. Advantages always come to those that are aware of their environment. Keep watchful eye for new members (such as myself) looking for some directions on navigation to complete beginners who need a bit of guidance.


And, hello there. :D
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