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Why I use glamour spells

Forums ► General Info ► Why I use glamour spells

Why I use glamour spells
Post # 1
Spell: Change Eye color
Alternative : Contacts
I prefer the Change Eye Color over contacts because..
If you don't keep the contacts clean, you risk your eyesight.
I don't have a budget for colored contacts.

Spell: Hair color change
Alternative : Hair Dye
I prefer the hair color change because..
Its healthier
And doesn't damage your hair

Spell: Weight Loss
Alternative: Diet & Exercise
I prefer Weight Loss spell because..
Its faster
I don't have the time needed for losing weight with hard work, I am a costume maker helping my mom with her shop, and in this economy, who does have the time?

This is my reasoning to why I use Glamour spells, because quite frankly I'm really getting tired of people suggesting the non-spell alternative. I use the spells because they are both healthier and add more experience.
If you use Glamour spells, add here to why you prefer them.
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Re: Why I use glamour spells
Post # 2
Yes you stated the bad things about alternatives, but where are the bad and risks of the spells?

Change Eye Color spell may work or may not work, if backfire then you may lose your sight or gain something you don't want. Also I found the same eye color spell on many websites, non of the books I have read has them. Don't know if their real.

Hair color change spell does have it's risks. If it backfires then you may lose your hair or it will stop growing all together. But I am not sure of this, you may grow hair in other parts of your body or change something you don't want to change.

Weight loss spell.... In health class (that is when I was still young) my teach explain why losing tons of weight all together was bad. If you add magick to the mix it may add more problems or even kill you. What if it goes out of control? You'll lose more fat then you wanted and now look at were your at. How long will the spell last? Who knows maybe weeks to years.

Before casting any spell, be sure to ask questions like the ones I asked. If your not to sure then your taking a risk.
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Re: Why I use glamour spells
Post # 3
Thank you.
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Re: Why I use glamour spells
Post # 4
I thought you would never reply, and thank you for letting me feel so alive again. lol
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Re: Why I use glamour spells
Post # 5
Abyss, I want to ask a question. Since they are just glamor spells, how can it backfire? We're not harming anyone,some people just use them for themselves, so why would it backfire?
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Re: Why I use glamour spe
Post # 6
It depends on how the caster desires,Wolf.
The stronger the desire the caster has might lead to overreaction thus it also causes the spell to backfire.

Note that this has happened before.
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Re: Why I use glamour spells
Post # 7
I have thought about using glamor spells, but I just don't care enough to bother. If people can't like me for how I am now then they shouldn't like me if I change my looks. If changing my looks does make them like me then they like me for the wrong reasons and I don't believe I have the time for them. I do dress for the occasion, I don't go to a job interview in my pajamas, but my facial structure and colorings should be irrelevant so long as I don't look inhuman.

I have considered getting colored contacts since I need contacts anyways, but that would be more to help keep me from losing track of them. Clear contacts can be hard to find if you drop them somewhere, from what I've been told.

I have used hair dye before when I wanted to experiment, but I soon realized that I simply do not like my hair. It doesn't matter the texture, the color, the length, I just do not like having hair.

Dieting I don't do, why sacrifice life's simply pleasures when we only have so long to live anyways? Exercise I do enjoy and I get that from jogging, hiking, practicing martial arts, climbing, and whenever I can get my hands on the weights I enjoy weightlifting.
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Re: Why I use glamour spells
Post # 8
another point for wolf magicians generally perform magick for the good of all when they perform magick for self gain they become sorcerers this is rooted in the darker side because it comes from desire as these innocent (at first)desires are appeased with magick so they will grow into greater desires hence more powerful spells will be needed so the cycle is formed eventually magick cannot quench the desire leading to misery desparation destroying the beauty you already have take ragnoroks advice find beauty and peace in yourself for no one will judge you harder than yourself
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Re: Why I use glamour spells
Post # 9
I was just replying to the main post, didn't see anything about backfiring spells. I think spells that go wrong do so due to miscasting more then backfiring. If emotions run to high, focus/concentration is off, or if you just sent energy the wrong way or used the wrong type of energy you may not get the desired results. Meditation and peace of mind are very helpful for preventing that. I think. I'm not entirely sure, but I meditate before casting any spell and I try to keep a peaceful mind and I have never had a spell backfire. Someone who's been there and worked it out themselves would have more experience on that topic.
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Re: Why I use glamour spells
Post # 10
Having rethought this, I think for this topic miscasting would be a better term then backfire. I see backfiring as something that happens to you when it(or something similar) was supposed to happen to a specific target. I see miscasting as something that hits the target(in this case the spell caster him/herself), but does not have the desired effect.
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