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Sorry for being gone so long, but I really only came back to ask this question, since everybody else on other sites will think I'm a crazy loony... Er... Well I guess I am but anyways...

I thought about some near death experiences and danger that's happened to my family and myself. I came with these dangers/near death experiences:

I was choking, and somehow I coughed up what I was choking on somehow, even though I couldn't breathed, and I wasn't given any help (I understand; I couldn't speak anyways).

My mom was driving home from work when suddenly a truck in front of her had a bulldozer fly off the back of it, nearly missing my mom. If she had left work 30 seconds earlier, she'd have probably been dead.

After a hurricane, our house was the only house with no damage done to it; nothing fell, nothing broken... Only some small twigs and branches in the yard, while other houses had fallen trees on their houses, flipped over cars, broken sheds and contraptions... The lots of it all.

Those are only a few examples out of many, but that's not really all I'm talking about here. I've also had the feeling that somebody has been watching me, or watching over me, or something like that... There have also been times when I've seen strange things outside; not like apparitions, or people... Well, of course I've seen people outside, but anyways... The things I saw were like... Blobs... Of color... I remember seeing a yellow blob outside my door, and a black (maybe it was blue...?) blob somewhere else (can't quite remember...). After I see them, they disappear suddenly so I only get a quick glance of whatever they are.

I've also have been hearing strange noises and smelling strange smells, normally at night... I know that's probably a ghost, but still... I wonder what it would be if it wasn't a ghost...

Sorry for the abnormally long thread, but I'm very curious... And don't bring religion into this concept because I'm Atheist, also please don't mock how ridiculous it seems...

Do I have some sort of guardian or protector? Or is this just all some sort of coincidence or something many other people have encountered?

I know I'm not the only one who has had danger and near death experiences in their life, but it gets to me that nothing can simply be a coincidence... After all, this is the witchcraft world...

What do you think?
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