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Myths about Witches
Post # 1
I came across some information about the top 50 myths about witches. I actually find it very helpful but quite amusing. So here goes -

1. Witches are naturally evil.
2. Witches are not human but rather an evolved form of humans.
3. Witches do not look like regular people.
4. You must be born into a family of Witches to become one.
5. Witches can steal "powers" from each other.
6. Witchcraft and Christianity are opposites.
7. It is difficult to hurt a witch.
8. Witches are resistant to spells.
9. Witches always dress in black.
10. Witches can change their form and appearance at will.
11. Witches can change the form and appearance of others at will.
12. Witches can manipulate time.
13. All Witches engage in ritualistic orgies.
14. Witches can fly on broomsticks
15. Witches can fly without broomsticks.
16. A witch is a female with super powers.
17. A male witch is called a Warlock.
18. Witches worship Satan
19. Witches have made a deal with Satan to attain super natural powers.
20. Witches perform animal and human sacrifices.
21. Witchcraft has no rules.
22. Witchcraft is the same as Satanism
23. Witches hate Christians
24. Wicca and Witchcraft are the same thing.
25. Wicca has nothing to do with Witchcraft.
26. Witches promote Abortion as a form of human sacrifice.
27. Witches are allergic to water.
28. Witches hate being called Witches
29. No man can be a witch.
30. Witches are the same a Gypsies.
31. Witchcraft is not a religious practice.
32. Being a witch means not believing in any higher power.
33. Witches can possess people.
34. Witches get sick or hurt when Jesus Chris is mentioned or a crucifix is shown to them.
35. All witches practice "Black Magic"
36. Witches and Genies are always communicating.
37. Witches can levitate
38. Witches become a witch by having another witch cast a spell on them.
39. Witches grant wishes.
40. Witches can turn into ghosts.
41. Witches can make things "float"
42. Witches do not come out during the day.
43. Witches avoid public and live in the woods.
44. Witches have no worries and are always happy.
45. Witches can bring pictures "to life"
46. Witches summon demons and then take control of them for future use.
47. Witchcraft is not a religion.
48. Witches put curses on priests.
49. The Pentagram is a sign of Satan
50. Witches do not exist..

Re: Myths about Witches
Post # 2
This is so amusing, yet so wrong.

Re: Myths about Witches
Post # 3
That is oh so wrong. And as a side note they forgot that we can make fireballs in our hands and that we always have flying monkies...

Re: Myths about Witches
Post # 4
Wow, that's scary if you think about it. These are called stereotypes, and they are a sign of a lack of an education on the subject at hand. They can be quite destructive and can get your butt kicked if you say that you are a Witch around the wrong people because of these stereotypes. Keep it low key and you'll be safer because of it.

I tell people like us, don't flaunt around what you are. Remember the Salem Witch Trials? Just because the Trials are no longer going on, doesn't mean that we're not being tried. We haven't had slavery around for a while, but we still fight racism. We have the same thing, if you think about it. You get judged everyday just by how you look...sad really.

The best way to break these myths is not to be them. Satanism gets mixed up with us because of kids* who don't know what they are doing. We have to rise above this list and become better than that. By reading, learning, doing, and living all we can about The Craft.

So just be careful. What you do and how you do them affects people and how they look at you. Remember, you are a Representative of the Craft.

Thank you Mashira for posting this. It's a good reminder of the prejudices that face us.

*What I'm NOT referring to, are the young adults who sit down and take the time to educate themselves before doing anything.

Re: Myths about Witches
Post # 5
I myself keep my Craft close to heart. If no one approaches the subject then I do not tell of it. Yes witchcraft has been stereotyped even though people view the world as a 'Free World'.
I do not even push my beliefs onto my children as that is their path to find in years to come. If they choose the path of Witchcraft then I will back them 100% no matter what is said.
I let people have their view of myself as they wish, but they will never really know the 'True Me'.

Re: Myths about Witches
Post # 6
I lived in a small town in Iowa for a long time and there were a lot of closet witches there, we could actually flaunt it there, but I still couldn't help but think that the Catholics were really thinking of how they could get rid of us.

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