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A Chakra Technique

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A Chakra Technique
Post # 1
This is one of my techniques for chakra work. You can apply and adapt it for your works if need be since this is a Kopyleft work.
This tech is a little different then the normal meditations, but I believe you should get the gist.

First get into a normal meditative state and be sure to be centered and grounded at the start. Now shift your awareness to your heart chakra. Feel the energies here and how they flow. get into the flow especialy. You'll wanna do this because you will shortly be following that flow in both directions. Once you are compfortable here and can do this with ease you can move to the next step. This step acts to center, balance and it gives you a foundation.
Now you follow the flow of energy out to both the throat and solar plexus. Continue to allow the heart to be in your awareness as well and use it as a bridge of sorts. Allow yourself to be aware of all three chakras and their flow. Consider them seperately and as a whole. This step helps with communicating your power. Once you can do this with ease and compfort move on to the next step.
Here it is going to get just a touch more difficult. You will need to follow the flow out again to include the sacral and third eye. Become aware of the flow of energy between all of the chakras you have worked with so far and let them sing in unison. This step will open up your ability to see things from creative perspectives. Stay her for a moment if you are finding it difficult to stay aware of all of the energies at play. Once you are doing this with ease move on to the next two chakras.
Here you will want to open to both the divine energy of the Crown and the manifest energy of the Root. Here you should wait til you feel the flow and awareness stay open. You will probably be in a trance state by now and you can stop here or move on to the next step. Yes, there is another step. However you should be aware that you could do a working from here without moving on, but the next step has power in it. This step helps to manifest the work you are doing.
This is where I really part from the norms of chakra work. Below you and above you there are two more energy centers. At the same time you should open up your awareness to the energies both "above" and "below" you. Below is the Void, above is the Source or whatever you want to call it. Open up to these at the same time and act as a bridge between the two. This will give you a great flow of energy to work with if you are using this as part of a working ritual or whatever.
When stepping down just go back the way you came at a compfortable pace. You can also explore different parts of this technique to learn how these different chakras work with eachother. It is a good way to learn how to use the chakras to benefit by their combinations.
Ok, that's the technique. Questions and comments as well as other unique techniques are welcome here, please feel free to post what you think as well.

Thanx and take it easy,
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