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Post # 1
I do believe that there is a Force bigger than all of us. Something far beyond our human comprehension. Beyond all logic. An anergy capable of creating and shaping the universe as IT sees fit. An immeasurable power that we are all part of... but fear. Call it what you will. The Creative Source, The Master Mind, The Architect..... God. I do believe it exists. I do believe its there somewhere, Everywhere. How can we ignore its existence? when all around us is filled with its magic, its science, its intelligence. Now, religion has taught us that God is just sitting there waiting for us to get to heaven to judge us. I do not like to believe this. For i do not like to see this tremendous and incomparable force, this magnificence gone to waste on something so simple. The God that religion wants us to believe in is just a dictator. A big vengeful force that loves to be served and loves to have everyone on its feet. Like an evil king who takes advantage of its position, having everyone to live in fear of even their own thoughts. And if they don't do or even think as It does or as It wants them to think, they are gonna be punished.

Don't you find it contradictory when they say : " You are made by the likeness of God" "God knows you completely because He made you what you are" But then if you choose to doubt, they say: "You are not to be saved for you do not believe"
Now I tell you this: Its contradictory because if God made me who I am, and knows me completely then he knows that I love to think and I love to doubt and WILL not go by what other people tell me. That I do not like to follow blindly what other people say its the truth. Because it seems stupid, it seems empty. More religions are popping out of nowhere lately..each one even more stupid than the last one. And what's even worst, the people that follow them are dead serious into thinking that the hold the real truth. I don't know about you, folks, but they look dead brain washed to me. Like zombies.

God, knowing me as I am. He cannot punish me for choosing NOT to believe in these mental voids of society. For he gave me an open mind to be doubtful. And thats the beauty of intelligence.. of doubt. it makes you want to know..to learn more, to keep looking.

People that are very religious, (or so they say) like to close their minds to ONLY what their religions tell them. Now, when you do that, you leave no room for possibilities. No room for thinking. No room for REASON. And this has caused (and continues to cause) conflict. Conflict within families, within friends, within cultures. I've seen parents not talking to their grown sons just because they chose to believe in a different religion. I've seen adult, "mature" people fighting over stupid things like: "My religions is the real one and YOURS is not" And I've seen Pastors talk crap about other religions, mostly the Catholic, in THEIR churches. Now, this is not very nice, not very mature. If I go to your church, Mr. Pastor, Im not going to hear your crap about what you think the other religions are doing wrong, Im going because I want to listen to the word of God. (if any of you goes to a church whose pastor talks crap about other religions believe....hmmmph.... open your minds) Now, we Know for a fact that one of the most common causes for wars and conflict throughout history has been religion. And think about this, religion was SUPPOSED to have been made to unite us all. To look for and find salvation. But its not like that. Thats why I don't think that religion equals God.

I don't care which religion you believe in. You'll agree with me in this. God is intelligence. God is more than what they teach us. NO RELIGION could ever KNOW for sure what is God's will. God is Science.

Everything that science has discovered, God had made before. God knows of technology. You'll see that if you study DNA. Man did not create that, he just discovered it. The creative source made everything, constructed everything and after that evolution kept us going. All of the secrets of the universe not revealed to us so that we put OUR minds to work and LOOK for the answers. Open your minds to the possibilities, for you might be living a lie.
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Re: Religion...
Post # 2
Well, this is rare, someone got it right (or at least most of it). An open mind does alow you to see more. But were is the love in what you see? I see God as the most loving being in the universe. God is knowledge and love.
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Re: Religion...
Post # 3
Yeah...I know...but many religions try to tell you that all you do you have to do it for God and with God,In other words, they dont want you to have a life of your own, they want you to give your life to God and if you dont do it, that makes you a pagan or satanist or something like that. I know God exists,no offence but i stoped believing in him a long time ago. And thats when i saw the truth behind all the lies that many people believe in.
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Re: Religion...
Post # 4
Maybe we can talk about religion someday, for i know alot about it, if you feel like it.
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Re: Religion...
Post # 5
sure mail me any time you want....maybe i can learn a few things from you
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Re: Religion...
Post # 6
don't get it wrong drhakke, but god is just a christian invention. this is like the 200 time i say this. i know they don't want you to have a life of your own.....they make you a satanist because they can't understand what is magick....if you are familiar with cruciades. satanism predates all religions...thats my oppinion so sorry if i offensed someone. and soldier.......open your eyes and see the truth behind the lie
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Re: Religion...
Post # 7
God is more like the idea, or essence of the perfect being. God doesn't control what people do, ohterwise God's reasoning would be illogical about life. Forcing people to be good and believe in God just takes away everything God stands for to begin with. Think about it, if someone forced you to do something so they can teach you a lesson, that doesn't actually help you learn anything if you don't want to.

However, fact is, religion is the oldest running scam, and to pay it any creedence is folly. Maybe, there is no 'perfect being' or 'creator of the universe.' Maybe these are fairy tales, goofy, spooky magic invented to keep the sheep in line.
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Re: Religion...
Post # 8
Few religions were created.Creators of these religions used "God" as an instrument to their own personal needs.I too became very awared of this when i heard God makes the people go to hell.This was stupid because god can`t judge who you are.
I seriously don`t think gods are immortals from the heavens.

Nothing can escape death.You can`t rule over people`s mind and heart.In the end...it may be a false promise....
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Re: Religion...
Post # 9
How do you know that this idea of God creaded by sinfull man and not God himself that makes the world that you know. My idea is that God dose not care what sins you made, He want everyone to go to heaven to be with him, but it is evil that put us in hell or any position in the spirit world according to how connected we are to the evil. People in this world know very little of the other world because of evil because the least we know the more power it has.
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Re: Religion...
Post # 10
First let me give a disclaimer. I am a Christian, therefore everything I say will naturally come from that point of view. I've noticed a lot of hostility towards Christianity on this site, and a lot of it is deserved. If a lot of other "Christians" I know knew some of the things i was into, they would be greatly disturbed. There should be no place for hatred and derision of another in true Christianity. How can you expect some one to follow your moral teachings if they don't believe what you do? This is an attitude many people who claim Christianity have that I have never understood. We can disagree, and that's fine, but we should always do it with love and respect.
Now back to the topic of God and religion.
When I look for God, to me personally God is not simply a concept or some distant source of energy something remote and untouchable. God for me is deeply personal. He is a friend, some one who holds me close and helps me through my troubles, as real to me as any other person I have ever met. When I pray, I'm talking to someone who responds, sometimes in words, sometimes in feelings, sometimes in circumstances. Its not about dogmas, or doctrines or theologies, but the relationship he and I have. Its one of the greatest parts of my life. I know that some of you will dog me for my adherence to Christian views, but everybody here seems to adhere to something, so why not?
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