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A wiccan Speaks out

Forums ► Comments ► A wiccan Speaks out

A wiccan Speaks out
Post # 1


A Wiccan Speaks Out

The time has come when I can hold my tongue no longer. Every day a few others and myself see "Wiccans" defile the religion of Wicca, just as "Christians" have defiled Christianity.I am becoming very disenchanted with the Wiccans of today. Read, take heed, and honestly ask yourself if you are part of the problem. I've had about enough of the typical little sixteen-year-old claiming to be a high priest/ess. I have news for you little sh*ts. One doesn't read a single book (skipping the boring stuff) and then suddenly progress to being a high priest/ess. I've been researching and learning for nine years. That's right. Nine f*cking long hard years and I still feel I haven't learnt enough to be a priest let alone a high priest. Let's do some basic maths here you +/- 16yrs old. Unless you're a genius (and I doubt that every 16 yr. old I've met is), you started to semi-understand big words (like marmalade) at about 13/14 yr., Lets see that's 16 - 13. Gee how the hell did you learn so much in 3 years, please let me know your secret...hmpf. Now I'm not claiming to be better then you, I'm just trying to understand how you managed to progress so fast.
Here is a list of a few others and mine gripes:

"Look at me, I'm a witch!"
That oh-so-dangerous leap out of the broom closet, which usually occurs within the first week you're exposed to Wicca. You don your little pentacle necklace and wear it in public, just -itching- for someone to walk up to you and call you a devil-worshipper. Then you'll get to explain that your pentacle is pointing up, not down, like those nasty black magicians wear, and correct them about what a peaceful, tolerant religion Wicca is (as opposed, to, say, Christianity).... Oh! Don't you just love the attention you get?

If you don't want to step out of the broom closet, there are still various ways to stick a toe out the door for each of the people you want to impress and/or frighten. (Like wearing your pentacle -under- your shirt, on a short chain, so it'll slide into view if you shift just right. Or you can wear gothed or hippied-out clothing and say "Oh, Goddess!" every five minutes. Calling your cat a "familiar" and your cookbook a "grimoire/book of shadows".

"It's a witch thing. You wouldn't understand."
You get to feel oh-so-self-righteous by knowing all the little nuances of the unseen world in the midst of all these ignorant Christians (who are all secretly out to make your life miserable). I cannot count how many times I've asked other Wiccans a question that ended up in a long string of conversation designed to find out if I'm "worthy to know that. Do you have a surplus of rose petals and red candles? Get a clue. There's a reason you don't have a boy/girlfriend, and it sure isn't the quality of your spells.

The "witchier-than-thou" complex.
Soon after you become a witch, you suddenly realise that your mother was a witch; your grandmother was a witch; your great-grandmother got burned at the stake in the Salem Witch Trials; and your other relatives were all Celtic, so you should probably start wearing those nifty knotwork rings. If you have any dreams about being a witch, it must mean that you were one in a former life, too.

Oh, about your great-grandmother -- there were no witches in Salem, just a single dark-skinned woman practising her native religion.

"We don't worship the devil. Really, we don't."
Two things bother me about this.
You can repeat this until you're blue in the face for all the good it does. Silly Wiccans. You're overlooking the fact that anyone non-Christian, by definition, worships the devil. (and if you can't see the humour in that, then I will clarify: no, I'm not a Christian.] You're not changing any minds here, no matter how many times you repeat the Rede. Some of the most talented adepts I've ever met are left-handers. It's sickeningly arrogant to assume that all witches are, in fact, White Wiccans just like [insert fluffy author here] tells you to be.

"I need some thyme for this and some sage for that...."
Herbs have been used in witchcraft for thousands of years -- but no one seems to realise why. The origins of this were:
a) as offerings burnt to the gods (sometimes with psychedelic side effects), and
b) as mystical medicine (such as using pennyroyal to cause abortions). Not exactly happy-go-lucky rose-petal-love-spell stuff, here.

"I can see auras!"
Funny, every fluffy I've met says they can do this. Do you have to stare at the person beforehand? If so, that's not mystical -- it's called retinal burn. The real thing takes attunement. "The Necronomicon is a load of bull! Lovecraft wrote it to make more money...." Wiccans argue about this quite a bit.

"Welcome to my Wicca for Beginners webpage!"
Hmm. Come to think of it, have you ever seen an "Intermediate" or "Advanced" Wicca web page? Take a moment to consider why not.... And then go read some Baron, Levi, Crowley etc. to widen your perspective a little.

"I can do magick!"
Oh, give me a break. You think that drawing circles on the ground and lighting candles is magick? You think that if you feel happy and fulfilled at the end of your ritual then that is part of the "positive vibes" you have stirred up? You think that you need to "visualise" energy to manipulate it? That's your imagination, not outside forces -- no matter what the books tell you. When vibes start hitting you on a daily basis, when you're not even thinking about magick, that's a start....

"Magick isn't what Hollywood portrays it as. We don't levitate objects or make people do things." Well, why the hell not?
"Because magick is just a subtle force underneath everything that I can bend to my will, a little... okay, not much, really.... ummm... uh.... Sometimes I dream of the future and stuff..." Fluffy fluffy fluffy. Where's the beef? Could it be that you want magick to be something you're automatically capable of? That you don't need years of discipline to attain? In that case, stick with your "positive vibes" and your occasional ESP because that's all the magick you'll ever be able to do.

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Re: A wiccan Speaks out
Post # 2

The Charge of the Bunny Goddess
by Gwen Wolfrose

Listen to the words of the Great Fluff she who of old is known as Amethyst
MoonPixie, Mosscovered Rosequartz, Moonwater Firedancer, Keltic Dragondream,
Lady Mooncrystal HPS, Lady Raven, Malibu SparkleBarbie, and Wiccan
MacMorrigan, and by many other names, most of them made up by an online name

Whenever you have need of anything once in the month, and better it be when
the bookstore is still open, then shall you gather and adore me, who am
Queen of all Bunnies. There shall you gather, you who desire to learn the
true Art of Bunnycraft, yet have not grown in your furry undercoat; to these
I will teach the esoterism of true fluffiness. And you shall be free from
anything that is not white light goodness; and as a sign that you are truly
free, you shall quote Scott Cunningham as gospel, put curses on those who
call you names, bless everyone with white light happiness, redefine
everything so that it fits your way of thinking, and demand that the so
called dark gods are just misunderstood, never again the burning times...
except for Satanists, we can still burn them since they aren't pagan anyway.
For I am covered with fur behold my cuteness. Keep pure your highest ideal;
strive ever towards it and if anyone tries to stop you, change your screen
name and rejoin their list to teach them a lesson. For mine is the
determination to stomp out darkness wherever it may be whether they like it
or not.

I am the Queen Mother Fluffer, Who can give the Gift of Joy unto the heart
of man or woman so long as you are life affirming and positive ONLY. On
Earth, I give the Knowledge that honesty is a crime if I do not agree with
it; and beyond death, we will not discuss since death is a negative concept.
I do not demand sacrifice, for behold; opening up a book does not require
that much effort.

Hear ye the Words of the Bunny Goddess: She Whose Feet are fuzzy and soft,
Whose Body encircleth the book store especially the Llewellyn shelf.

I, Who am the Fluffy Queen of the Earth and the White Light amongst the
Internet, and the Mystery of why BTW's don't like it when I say Wicca is
anything I want it to be because Scott said so, and the Desire to make up
lies about them to make myself look like a hero to the other fluffers. I
call unto thy soul, all ye who would be Bunnies: Arise! And come unto Me!

For I am the Soul of the Bunny, Who giveth Only Positive Life Affirming
White Light to the Universe: from Me all things proceed, and unto Me nothing
must return because it's your bad karma not mine so there. And before My
Face, which is fuzzy and soft and known to all gods who are all benevolent,
thine innermost Bunny Self shall be enfolded in the Rapture of the Infinite

Let My Worship be within the heart that tolerates no darkness, for behold:
all acts in the name of white light goodness and fluffiness are my rituals
especially if Scott wrote it. And therefore let there be white light and
fluff within you.

And thou who thinkest to seek for Me, know thy seeking and yearning shall
avail thee not, unless thou knowest the Mystery: that if thou do not own a
Scott Cunningham book and seekest Me, then thou shalt never find Me unless
you google Me or join an email list full of my Children which are many
because I am a Bunny after all...

For behold, I have been with thee from the beginning; and I am That which is
attained at the end of Wicca for the Solitary Practitioner or the middle if
you can't be bothered to read the whole thing.

Copyright © 2004 Gwen Wolfrose, all rights reserved.
May be reposted anywhere so long as this copyright is included.


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Re: A wiccan Speaks out
Post # 3
Lol. The first one was true beyond anything. Its the shameful truth how people just read one book and deem themselves High Priests and Priestesses.
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Re: A wiccan Speaks out
Post # 4
Haha, very nice, thanks for posting Luzifer.
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Re: A wiccan Speaks out
Post # 5
I agree with the first one. There are so many 13-16 yr olds going around saying they're witches and wiccans when they haven't even begun to understand how much there is to learn. I've been studying spellwork and witchcraft and even psionics for around 3 years now and I still have around over 58812947591943729194567819304502 more questions and im 17! I've done 2 spells and they just barely worked. I won't start physically practicing until I've managed to get meditation down, and all mu questions answered and even decide what path I wanna take. And than there are these teens walking around thinking they're high and mighty. How dare they even pretend to take on such a role without the proper preperation. That must mean they started when they were around 5 or so. That's pretty darn good :)
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Re: A wiccan Speaks out
Post # 6
Brilliant :D

Question: doesn't the wiccan faith only concentrate on white magick, thus providing only white witches? Their rede is "An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will", after all. We all do black magick unknowingly by harmful thought, but does the wiccan faith really allow intentional harm? What does 'black magick' classify as, anyway? Anything with negative consequences on another person and that impares his/her free will? Or is it more personal and complex than that?
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Re: A wiccan Speaks out
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 7
I've been doing magick since I was seven and I am still learning things everyday so I just can't come online or in real life and say "Oh I'm a priestess look at me".
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Re: A wiccan Speaks out
Post # 8
To answer you question unique the turth is wiccans dont just teach black magick. They teach both but some are against it so its not to often youll find someone who knows.

and i totally agree with nearly everything that luzifer says. I have been practicing magick for 3-4 years now and im still trying to learn deep meditation and astral traval! i have done quite a few spells but that doesnt matter! I am not nearly close enough to start teaching so why do i see so many people like this? they need to get a life.
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Re: A wiccan Speaks out
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 9
Come to think about all of us learn different so someone might be natural at learning things faster and finding out the truth so we can't really judge people and who is to say that some of these people actually read a book.
A book can't show you how to do something for example my great-grandmother did not know how to read or write in her native language or in english but she knew everything about her her religion and would put any priest or priestess in shame no offense.
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Re: A wiccan Speaks out
Post # 10
i copied BOTH of those from the site listed.

I did not write either of them.

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