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Name: PowerOFSoul
Location: somewhere in the world but not in the ocean
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sun, 10 Dec 2017
Membership: Member

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hi nice to meet you. I'm a very open minded person and I don't criticize. I like all animals and insects(even though some bugs freak me out a bit XD ). i am bi-sexual. My life style is to never hurt anyone,any animal, or any spirit. I have a gradually increasing sixth sense i was born with(even though it's not fully developed to it's true potential). I'm kind of new to the power of magic though hopefully i can get better with hard work, determination, and a healthy body+soul. i have kind of long brown hair.i have greenish hazel eyes but they turn yellowish during certain times.my twin sister is kat_lovely. *magick teachings and my students* I WILL NOT DO SPELLS FOR U but i will point you in the right direction to find the spells you need. i will not accept any more students at this time i am sorry i currently have 1 student(s)- amature16 i will teach them all i know to help them in anyway.and get them started on there own journey into a new world of magick and discovery *update in my magick training* i been practicing healing magick and learning about my ancestors since a spirit came to talk to me about one of them.i can communicate with spirits but i have to be in mediation to hear the spirits the best. i have learned to control my magick completely. i have done spells to do with-healing,element of wind,banish negative thoughts, future seeing spells,and many others.i also found out i am a emapath and i can read emotions of others.i wish to grow and learn more that is my top goal in this journey. Meeting new people and making friends is one of my priorities also. Hope to meet all of you soon! *update in magick training* thanks to a friend on this site. i now know i am natural born witch.that is the reason why i am learning how to do certain magick spells faster and more efficient than a normal girl my age would.also that could be the reason why i know about certain spells i haven't done before. i learned that the reason why i can do this is becasue i have my ancestors guiding me and the knowledge of my ancestors locked inside me.so it is slowly coming to the surface of my mind(like a memory i have to grasp in the the depths of my Psyche) i am still trying to learn about my ancestors hopefully i can find new information about this in my future. *update in magick training* i have found out many things one that i might not be human and that i am part demon due to the fact there is a awakened demon that is tied to my soul.she is very awesome and not they typical kind of demons you hear like "demons are evil and blah blah blah".course she is dark sometimes but i really love that she is tied to me and she likes to give me help from time to time.also she doesn't affect my use of healing and white magick.also i found out my empathy goes deeper to connecting with another beings soul, like a soul link.i am still a natural born witch but there appears to be more to me and my heritage than i originally thought. update in magick training- well i been learning more with the demon, lol i was so excited when i first talked to her that i posted some things i should of thought through. i am not part demon it would seem she is tied to my soul so that would mean its a form of possession. i have also learned to talk to spirits without the need of meditation. the down side is i cant shut the constant whispering off.its not a bad thing.i mean sometimes i cant focus because it becomes a bit overwhelming to constantly hear the whispering. the whispering is ghosts or spirits trying to get my attention and trying to talk to me.i shouldn't look at this as a curse but as a gift. one that i gladly accept :) also i have started to use sage in my meditations. its very calming when its burning. sage is used for cleansing if u didn't know that.i have been practicing reiki lately. i also have been starting to write my own spells. another big mile stone is i can see the future in my sleep. the down side its just random moments in my life.i am trying to see if i can focus that talent but right now its firing off random moments. i did find out that my spirit animal is a cat and i have two spiritual guardians that are always near the cat. they are animals too. the two guardians are a cow and a deer. they are always grazing next to each other. the cat tries to guide me and she also helps with a new thing i have learned to do. Recently i found out when i meditate and ask a question that i want to be answered i get strange images mixed together..its a weird experience to say the least.i say its like a vision you have to figure out what it means.when i do figure out what the vision means i have the answers i will need. thats it for now later everyone :)