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Name: WaterMaiden
Location: Narnia
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My name isnt needed. But I have been in love with magick for my whole life, and because of my choice to believe in the unknown, I have been shunned..... I have tried practicing different areas of magick. Areas: Time magick, elemental magick, love spells, fore-sight, dream magick, and speaking with animals. My hobbies include: writing, singing, swimming, acting, swordfighting and riding horses. My interests are: vampires, lycans, faeries, mermaids, hippocampus, angels, ghosts, nymphs, dragons, pegasus, unicorns, dwarfs, elves, gryffons, dolphins, whales, tigers, leopards, seahorses, parrots, Australia, Hawaii....ect. I am also in desperate need of a mentor!!!!!!!