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Name: shadowseer
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My name is Kieran, I'm from wales in the U.K., I've been practicing magick and the like for coming up to 10 years now, or at least officially. I've always noticed I had a talent for stranger things in my life. I work in a circus here in the UK and I'm mostly a solitary practitioner although I do have some ties to a few covens.
I'm on here mostly to share knowledge as I have gifts in foresight and empathy this has made me quite an optimistic realist as I know what most people will do before they do and although I realise I will have a connection in some way with the people on this site I realise that we are pretty far apart so although I can't be a large part of your life I hope to be a good one.
I have an all round knowledge of the craft and it's traditions and to be honest I probably couldn't choose a speciality if I could, I practice neutral and changing craft and am happy with either side of the spectrum humanity has given the forces of nature.
I once decided my default specialities in the craft were magic of the mind, of the elements and some forms of blood magick but my experience is not limited only to these things.
If you have any questions feel free to ask and if it's your wish to roleplay just don't expect anything from me