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Anahi.Delara's Profile

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Name: Anahi.Delara
Location: Wherever I am meant to be.
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Sat, 15 Oct 2011

Membership: Contributor

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Personal Bio
First and foremost I am no longer the Priestess of Vampiric Elegance. I'm afraid my new lifestyle makes it hard to fully devote myself to this lovely coven, yet I will be around infrequently to help with whatever need be. Well, what can I say? I'm simply a being who wishes to understand and explore the fact hidden within the fiction. I list my years of study as 20 because ever since I was born I've felt the other side of life, the underbelly of modern society. Many things exist in this world and if you're still for a moment.. quiet for a second.. you can feel something most have never felt before, just by standing still. I'm afraid I'm not always online, but I promise that if you ever have any questions or wish to know me better, I'll get back to you as soon as possible. I take my relationships here just as seriously as I do in my everyday life and I will always have your best interest at heart. :) I've been a member here for awhile now, my old username was Aurelia but I'm afraid that account didn't suit me very well :( Now, while I am currently practicing Dragon Magick, I must admit I have other more seasoned abilities. Within these are Angelology and Demonology, Meditation, and my personal favorite, Vampirism. I've been an Elder for one of the oldest Vampire sites alive for several years and it pains me to see the downfall of a respected practice. Also, I am the current Priestess of Vampiric Elegance. In all my fields I am still learning with each and every day. I know much, but never enough. Now, a word of caution. I do not, nor will I ever converse willingly with a foolish child. It seems this site is filled with them. Young children who believe they can handle "the darkness" or that their past lives are now fully remembered. It seems everyone here is part of some idiotic prophecy and that they have a destiny to fulfill. Lies. Role playing. Fraud. I am Anahi Delara. I have seen much, yet still found little. Yet I sought and have found gems of truth in this dumpster of filth. Be warned. While kind, I am no teacher to those who wish to remain ignorant. Also, I am a Christian. As many of you have been hurt or hated by them.. I feel this small statement sums up my belief of true Christianity. "Christians are Christlike: none deserve the name of Christians that are not so, in their prevailing character?.The branch is of the same nature with the stock and root, has the same sap, and bears the same sort of fruit. The members have the same kind of life with the head. It would be strange if Christians should not be of the same temper and spirit that Christ is of; when they are his flesh and his bone, yea are one spirit (1 Corinthians 6:17), and live so, that it is not They that live, but Christ that lives in them." --Jonathan Edwards Those who have shown hate and hypocrisy to you are not true Christians and I apologize for every single one of them. A good day and welcome night to you all.