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Name: Aradar
Location: Fontana, CA
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Im in The Order of Voltec, as Diabolist I* its a LHP Current. My Bestfriends on here are: SERRIS HEARTBEAT88 (Friend/Brother) FIRECAT (BFF) INFAMOUS (BFF) VAPORGIRL LILYROSEE(BFF) xSHADOWVAMPx (MY LIL SISTER-I love her very much, and Im very Protective of her)shes a jk ASHNEE4 or 3 (Friend) SAI_13 (BFF) RAWRZ (BFF) TORCHERED_LOVE (BFF, and Brat) LEVIATHAN(BFF-Very Close...I Love her very much) RavenDaeus (BFF) DARKHEART(BFF) DEMONPRINCESS (wise demon queen)(BFF) EVIL_GIRL (Friend-One of the first I met on here) WATERDRAGON(MY LIL SIS-I love her very much, and Im very Protective of her) SEXVIXEN/LADY.H (Friend) KKO AZURANICK666 (Friend) BRITOMILA(Friend) TIZA(just what her name says shes a STARRIE (Very Beautiful Personality and Soul) Theres Tons More......BIO UNDER CONSTRUCTION!!!!!