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Name: Brokeninways
Location: Deep in my mind
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I am was once known as SS on here before. I left for personal reasons but decided it was time to return. Please do not message me with random stuff that has nothing to do with me. Don't message me asking me if I can curse someone, or anything else like that. Remove from me By: ME I look towards the horizon, knowing it will never be mine. Knowing as long as I push on, I will be fine. My mind is lost, with thoughts and constant distraction. Disappointing myself with all my own reactions. I know that I have to move away from my own pain. How best to do that, then to stand in the pouring rain. Let the water, flow down, cleansing and refreshing my soul. No longer can I hold onto the past, no more, no more. Two halves of my whole By: ME One part of me is here, whilst another floats free. One half stuck in repeat, while one floats in an image of me. One part, broken and fallen, the other stands powerful and strong. One half slowly dying, one half just moving along. Can you take both these halves, and put me back together? Making my heart feel, as light and carefree as a feather. Can you make me forget, all the pain in my mind? Are you nice enough, are you really kind? Can someone help me, find who I am? Or am I to be forever, floating here alone and damned? Two parts of a whole, broken by my own words. A need to be put back together, but broken by my own words. One part of me is here, whilst another floats free. One half stuck in repeat, while one floats in an image of me. The Broken Man By: Me In case you never noticed, the broken man at your feet. Laying there, crying and in pain, knowing he took his final defeat. Look down, and see him there, help him up, and tell him it's okay. He might fight, he might not, but he knows the pain, won't go away. Try your best, to heal his wounds, try to help him past his fears. Turn your back, when he breaks, and lets loose his last few tears. When you're done, and you feel just right. Take him out once more, and show him the light. Tell him he can't just quit, tell him to fight for you. Be a friend to him, teach him what to do. He might have lost, every once of his desire, to live and to fight, but you can rekindle his fire. Help him up, when he falls, remember he is a broken man, remember he needs a friend, but do you actually give a damn? Fool me twice, Shame on me! By: Me I loved you and trusted you, but the things that you do hurt me and make me wish for death makes me wish it with every breath. You fooled me once so take the shame, but I thought it wouldn't be a game and gave you another chance but you made me do your puppets dance. Alas, you fooled me twice and damn that hurt, it wasn't nice. So here I sit, with no heart because you ripped it slowly apart. The Warriors March By: ME The warrior marches with sorrow, knowing there might be no tomorrow. Praying to see another day, hoping that he can walk away. Fighting for an unknown cause, following his leaders forceful laws. Knowing he may bleed and die, he marches on, knowing nothing but lies. Pushing on, through and through, knowing what he must do. Battles have only one rule, and every warrior knows, even the fools. Battles are kill or be killed, Survival is the warriors will. To see his family on more time, hoping everything will be fine. So the warrior marches on, hoping he will see the morning dawn. All is well, he marches on, to fight from dusk to dawn. As you can see, I love to write poetry, and express myself in any way shape or form. I am not ashamed of my views and opinions, and if asked, I will not hesitate to share them.