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Name: Arthur696
Location: Windham,Maine
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Heilsa, My name is Arthur but most call me Arty, now that I see how this site is run I wanted to redo this and explain in further detail about myself and what I am looking for along with what I feel I have to offer.
I have been a pagan since childhood, I have always been able to communicate with spirits and see energies/auras in people. I follow a Norse path most call Asatru but my main deity is Freyja and my main practice is Seidr.
I served in the Army for a few years and because of that I was suffering badly from PTSD and made some horrible decisions which led to the death of a close friend. I can't change it so I just remain honest and am now trying to help others not make the same mistakes I have made. I am incarcerated in Maine at MCC Windham, which is a lower security setting and I am the music teacher/tutor so this allows me to have a laptop... this is new to me, every other place I have been just plain sucked.
I love animals and have been training service dogs for veterans for a little over five years now(early '18)and have successfully placed four dogs with veterans thus far.
I am a music lover...I mean LOVER, my life revolves around music! I teach a music theory course two days a week, Guitar and keyboard lessons the other days along with facilitating a restorative justice group. Yes I keep myself busy.
I am the Godi of the Asatru kindred here, we have a strong community where I am, and I am honored to hold the position I have. I teach lessons on Runes, rituals and Norse history along with teaching the values of our ancestors so the men here can work towards changing their lives for the better.
I have a fair amount of experience in the following
Astral Animal shifting/embodiment
Energy direction and manipulation
Astral walking
Galdr and Seidr
Nature Magick
The use of oils in ritual
Sex magick and chaos magick
Luciferian Witchcraft/Adamu
I would consider it a privilege to share any of my knowledge and am always willing to learn. I look forward to making some new friends and walking this path together.
Please feel free to message me and I will get back to you shortly, Yes I will answers questions about my incarceration...I will be honest about everything so be careful what you ask!
We are where we are because it is the path the Norns laid out, there is a reason for our being there, even if unknown at the time, so make the most of it!
Arthur Belanger #15118
MCC Windham
17 Mallison Falls Rd.
Windham,ME 04062
Would love to hear from someone!!!