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"We are the black rose Let no one doubt our course Rise up and let them feel our thorns And freedom will be ours" I'm Zorya, 19 years old and proud Scorpio and probable Pleiadian starseed. I am new to the craft in itself, but mythology, astrology/astronomy, ancient languages, occult arts and crystals have always made my heart sing. I am the first witch in my family in generations.I am someone who is quite artsy, but I'm going toward medicine as a career. I hope I can find fellow-minded folks here. Ambition, respect and curiosity are some my main values. In real life, you'll probably find me volunteering for human rights, chilling with a book in my hands or learning a new language. I'm a safe space for diversity, including but not limited to LGBTQ, neurodivergent folks. If that is a problem for you, no need to contact me, we best go our separate ways.