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Name: kofuko
Location: Atlanta GA.
Last Seen: Fri, 15 Oct 2021
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Salutations. I'm Kofuko or kofu. I've been like, vibing with magick and spell casting since a young age. Currently at 16 I know I'm still not as experienced or well taught but I choose to further progress one step at a time .
I don't enjoy fake spells or..anything misleading of the sort. I'm open to maybe finding a coven and meeting others to grow stronger and more knowledgeable with. Possibly...
Currently I'm working with towards getting better with creating potions and spellcasting (with or without usage of ingredients .) Also interested in elemental based magick and sigils. Uh..Honestly someone to talk to about all of this would be enough anyone is welcomed.
'your life can change over night..or in a moment.'