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Name: Keiba
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~ Introduction ~

Greetings! My name is Keiba, and it's a pleasure to have you on my page. To start off with the basics, I'm 19 years young. I am going into college to study pre-med, and I plan on becoming an Anesthesiologist. I've been with my boyfriend since 8/1/20, and I have been growing as a person beside the love of my life since then.

I first sparked interest in magic when I was 13. I visited a local rock shop that had a variety of crystals ; amethyst immediately caught the eye of 13 year old me, and from that day on, I began my research and my studies. Around the age of 15, I got lost in my childhood and strayed from my path ; however, after being in an abusive relationship my freshmen year... where I was raped... I needed to find a way to heal myself. A couple years later, I got back into my studies to learn not only how to heal myself, but others as well -which had all lead up to where I am today.

~ My Studies ~

I am a Hedge Witch, but I do dabble around with other types of magic

  • Herbalism
  • Astral Protection
  • Elemental ( mainly fire )
  • Crystals /Candles / Basic Spell Work
  • Energy Channeling

Don't be afraid to message me! I enjoy meeting new people (as long as they have a topic to talk about)!