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My name is Zarandaya Mordariono-Hiroshi. I am an elfian princess and daughter to Zaradin Mordariono. My home planet is a planet called Deralia (No it is not the star wars planet) and I am married to my husband Katsin Mordariono-Hiroshi with 15 beautiful children.
I am a very cheerful person, always optimistic and staying on the bright side of things. Everybody in my family views me as the softer, more merciful one of the family. The Mordariono family has always been about strength, and as I was raised my father taught me to make my own strengths as sharp as possible. And that strength of mine would be compassion. However, that does not mean that I cannot fight. I will defend and protect my loved ones without hesitation.
I do not care if you do not believe what I say about who and what I am. I do not need approval from humans to exist. Any messages saying I am fake will simply be ignored.

The Order
I am here looking to recruit members for my father's Order.On his profile (his profile is called Zerag) he speaks of a war coming, and our Order is meant to help prepare for that. If you are interested in joining, or want to know more regarding our Order or the war, please send me a message. I will then speak with the other Order members to see if they approve of you're joining. However, if you simply have questions, I can answer those questions.