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Name: Angelina143
Birthday: Dec 14 2005
Location: Leupp,Az
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My name is Angelina Amya Almanzar. I am a dancer, singer, model, photographer, drawer, writer, and an actor. I love to workout, i love to draw on my free time i love taking walks with my sisters and brother, i perform dances and remake songs that are intelligent and amazing. Ive made a lot of progress threw my years as a model and am making it threw high school. As an actor goes it?s pretty hard to say but i am still reaching my goals to my dream car #soundwave car# and my dream house
The hard thing i had to learn is to never give up because people are depending on you if you let yourself down the people around you will let themselves down. They say its like jenga you reach for the top, but if you choose the wrong path or choose wrong way to feel, or act it will all crash down. Your dreams, the power you had in achieving all went away. You have start back from square one. I believe we are good people. We are all not perfect but in the end we all have something good insider we just need helping finding it. We all need a friend, we all need a hand, we all need help to find whatever it is you need help with, is right in front of you, you just need to ask. I hope everyone had a good life and remember to always reach for the stars dont be a failure, be proud and be a god. I know you all have something we don?t see that is good to you, show your true colors and stand tall.
Have a fantastic day and remember Fear is stupid. So are regrets.