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Name: Kazeryn
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Hiyo! I am Kar, founder of the Magik Users Wiki, and and eclectic witch all the way! I am so grateful I found a website that is ligit, there are so many fluff websites out there, and I am glad this isn't one of them! So, I overthink almost everything, from how my actions and words might affect someone, to how many freaking outcomes I can get on a math problem. (Very annoying at times) What I want to say with that fact, is that if you do something mean or rude to me, I will be rude back, and be fully aware of what I am saying. So if I accidentally hurt you with my words and actions, I am sorry, and that is honestly a once in a life time chance that I don?t know I am being rude. Tell me if I am being rude, and I will stop whatever it is I am doing! :P On another note: Nice to meet you, prepare for bad grammar and spelling. I type way to fast when I am excited, which whether I show it or not, I usually am. So when I have the letters of words all messed up, disregard it lol. SOOOOO I am probably categorized as an average 21st century teen. Literally average, besides the fact that I go camping, rafting, skiing, and much more outdoorsy and sporty stuff over vacations, but thats pretty much it. (And the whole, eclectic witch thing ofc XD) Also, fair warning, if you get in an argument with me, you have to be the one to walk away, I am incredibly stubborn, and no way in hell am I going to have the strength to just turn away from and argument. Another fair warning, if you start a conversation with me, prepare for a week-long conversation lol. OOOO WAIT another fair warning: Anti-social hooman ahead. I love talking with people online, but if I had more than an hour or IRL talking time with people, I will be burnt out lmao. Soooo, nice to meet you! ` ` ` ` ` ` A little bit about me craft wise: `````~I started practicing real magic about May-June 2020? (Consistently since about November 2020 Meaning not just rambling around on the web trying to find small facts here and there) `````~I don't do much divination, just rare questions to meh pendulum, a few tarot spreads here and there. (I made my own crappy deck lol) `````~I feel most connected to the earth element, but I love all of them `````~Sun=Aquarius (7th house) `````~Moon=Capricorn (5th house) `````~Ascendant=Leo `````~I study the randomist things about witchcraft I can find `````~I look forward to meeting more craft practitioners and learning more about my own path down the "dark and mysterious" magical experience! ` Super glad to meet ya! -Kar ```````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` Some things that will make you question my sanity >:3 ´Why are sharp things so fun to play with? No joke they super fun´ ´My spotify playlist is a mix of sad songs, upbeat songs, songs like ¨Muffins in the Freezer¨ by Taigz, songs by Aaron Chupa and Alec Benjamin, and songs that will never fail to bring me back to my childhood somehow´ ´My strange tendency to say ¨brb I need to kill something¨ when I get excited´ ´Ok, seriously, why is my escape from this world books, shows, video games, and me time, like whyyyyy´ ´Does anyone else suddenly question all that is life and reality? Or is that just me....´ ´If Pinocchio said his nose would grow.... would it?´ ´MY PET PEEVE ABOUT WISHES!!! Like, ok, hear me out, this applies to like ¨I will answer 3 questions truthfully" and like genies and stuff. SO like, EVERY wish has pros and cons. If you wish for world hunger to end, what if to do that, every plant and animal that can be eaten is sent to people who needs food?! THEN WE HAVE NO MORE OF THOSE ANIMALS AND PLANTS! I could go on and on, mail me is you want to listen to a 16 page rant about this T^T´ ´Am I the only one who just sees something nostalgic and just shuts down? Like, I smell something from my childhood, and i will just ignore reality to try and remember it longer?´ ´Is it normal to start saying SPLEEN over and over until your friend group starts a government just to stop spam wars because you started a weeklong lyrics and spam war with SPLEEN?..... No? Not normal? Thought so´ ´Again, sharp things, they are amazing, best thing ever´ ´ROCKS ROCKS ROCKS TREES TREES TREES YAS PLEASE climbing best things ever yas, no arguing´ ´NO under ANY circumstances, will I voluntarily wear climbing gear. No, nope, nada, never. Ruins the whole climbing experience, even if its a 50 ft cliff, if I am not required to use a harness and climbing gear I won´t. BOULDERING 4-EVER´ ´Humans need to die off, problem with that is that then the ecosystem will die as well since it would be such a sudden change.... SOOOO over a hundred years or so, humans need to go extinct. NATURE IS BALANCE, and we just slapped that fact in the face and said hell nah. Screw humans, we suck´ ´I hate people who spend all their time on artwork making it look like it didn´t take to long when instead it took hours..... HEY LOOK THATS ME T^T screw you self´ ´Anyone know the song SAD! by XXXTENTACION?! Fun, fun fun fun fun. ALSO heat waves and Montero good too. OOOOO wait, and 16 Shots, and the Chicken Wing Beat, WAIT and Fireflies, and Savage Daughter, and People I don´t Like, and Riot, and SugarCrash, and Ghost, And Skyfall, Ramalama, and Llama in my Livingroom, and Wellerman, and all songs by aaron chupa and alec benjamin, and the kids are coming, and Home, and two face, and Ophelia, and Am I supposed to Apologize, and No Friends, and Afton Family, and Sick THoughts, omg I could go on forever dammit´ ´ANIME SCHREEEECH, oh wait before I get to that, next weird thing is my tendency to say SCHREECH my friends can testify to that OH WAIT ANOTHER ONE BEFORE ANIME --->´ ´I had one friend from kindergarten to 3rd grade, then 2 friends till 4th, then 3 frinds till 5th, then SUDDENLY 4 friends till 7th, THEN BOOM from 7th to 8th I HAVE 7 FRIENDS WHEN TF DID THAT HAPPEN!? GROUP OF INTROVERTS ADOPTED BY 2 EXTROVRETS! SCHREECH´ ´Anime >:3 Fun Fun FUN, Haikyu!!, MHA, Attack on Titan, ect. Amazing. Dabi, Deku, Bakugo, Hinata, Kageyama, Levi, Eren, Mikasa, Nishinoya, Toga, Kirishima, Todoroki, ect. All amazing. ANGRY POMERANIAN AND BROCCOLI AND SHARKY AND HANDY MAN why are anime peeps so fun to just nickname lmao MOVING ON´ ´Book book book book book book book book boook boooooook´