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Name: Sunshinee
Birthday: Feb 9 1995
Gender: Female
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Hello there,
Thank you for reading this :D
I am Mia, a girl who tries to learn as much as she can from whoever is ready to help me and shares their ideals, beliefs and knowledge with me.
I was born in '95.
Also very chaotic pansexual???and sometimes way too moody for my own good.
I am trying to be a Polyglot, currently learning Korean, but sometimes (mostly 60% of the time)? I become too lazy when i get home from work. The languages i am currently knowing, but unfortunate haven't the chance to become more fluent in them are French, Italian, Spanish and of course, English.
So i am a literal novice here.
?i am very very very LGBTQ+ friendly and accepting and i try to teach myself how to be a better person towards everyone around me, including those who wrong me.?
Please be kind with me!
And also, please have in mind i will be annoying you for more learnings and pestering you for help , if you decide you want to talk and befriend me :D
Thank you, again!
Blessed be!