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Name: Chad17
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Okay okay, more serious bio lol, umm, i am Chad, xD! Im 17, I have a gf, Sarah shes my whole life, my Sarah ^^ Loves you Sarah xD I know enough a bout magick and theories to hold a conversation, Yeah thats right, you dont gotta be a all serious, rigid, and stiff butt-sniffer to know about magick lol. I am very friendly but, i will not hold back whats on my mind and needs to be said, idc what rank or how "experienced" you think you are, I WILL say what needs be said. On a lighter note.. I'm into magick less oriented with chants and poetry reciting but more into energy work and bending energy/magick to do what you will it to. I like Elemental magick, Psychic energy work, and i study almost anything else really. Well that's me... msg me or anything for any reason, i will most definately msg you back, no matter what you send, i guarentee a reply! xD Love you all!