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Name: Kebechet35
Location: Dreaming of Home and my family
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 30 Nov 2020
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Greetings, Welcome to my profile! Let's start off with me introducing myself shall we!
My name is:
Kebechet I am the Daughter of Anubis, I am from the Underworld but I will not tell more about my home those who are apart of the Order knows about it. But Anyways I enjoy spending and talking with my family from the Order yes I consider them my family there, I also like listening to music, read, and draw. I can be friendly as long as you don't threaten my family and those I am close to. I don't really like humans for many reason that I will not go into detail with.

I am hereto help my father Zerag and Sister Zaraflower recruit members for our Order.On his profile (his profile is called Zerag) he speaks of a war coming, and our Order is meant to help prepare for that. If you are interested in joining, or want to know more regarding our Order or the war, please send me a message. And I will speak with them about joining you and you can if you have discord add me there Kebechet Asmodeus-Valak#7972

Zerag- is like another father to me as well
Zaraflower- is my sister

Katsin- is my nephew
I am in an order with those three and others made for the purpose of helping to lead an upcoming great war. And that we welcome anyone into our family, so Long as you are willing to participate in lessons and training and help in whatever way youcan with the war, even if they cannot fight

Please be respectful if you mail me
this is not a dating site so don't flirt with me if you mail me I am happily taken
Do not message me and tell me what I am is not real or whats going on is not real I will simply ignore you.
Don't spam my inbox
Don't mail me with nonsense
If you wish to know more about me and the Order mail me

Otherwise have a wonderful day