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Name: Nave
Birthday: Nov 2 1999
Location: If I
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Merry Meet,
My name is Nave and it is my pleasure to be apart of this community where I am able to learn and grow. I have been studying magick for about 5 years or so and have practiced what I know for that long as well. I have been studying on candle work and herbs. I have been in search for guidance on herbs specifically, as in making tea's. I am a spiritual helper,and messenger, and will be willing to guide those who truly need help go through the spiritual realm. I'm also an Empath.
Blessed Be, Nave
More about me:
-I am connected to the spiritual world and I am willing to help others in need.
-I am genderfluid, pansexual
-I have 1 dog and 1 kitten as my fur babies
- Texas born and raised but now live Colorado
- I am always bored so feel free to message me whenever you'd like and I'm an open book so ask away any questions you have