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Name: Caedar
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Tue, 08 Jun 2021
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I am a young man who has been gifted with majik ability.
I have just recently found out that I am the reincarnation of one certain deity.
Try guessing which one I am it will not take long.
I have natural ability to cast majik but I need focusers and luckily I have found those on this website.
I actually stumbled upon this website way back in 2014 before I even found out about my lineage and who I really was.
I am pretty sure it was destiny that brought me here.
I am focusing on finding financial stability because my financial status is ruining my life here on Earth.
I want to live a free life without money getting in the way just enjoying watching anime
eating good healthy food
watching movies
relaxing with a loved one
making money without stress
reading books
enjoying recreational activities
and day dreaming.
I love all things majik and i believe in the 3 Fold Law.
I do not entertain wrongdoing in majik.
I use it only to do the RiGhT thing.
Feel free to talk to me or contact me if you want to ask me something
or just talk
or if you want to make a new friend
I do not bite at all...well that one depends