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My name is Meralkeen...the Broken One. I am the solitary wolf of Hell, fighting with the ferocity of a demon and the grace of an angel. Battle is my art, death my brush.
My memory spans worlds and ages long past, where magic and science are one and the same. Mysticism and Science were inseparable, hand in hand, ever present in every aspect of the old worlds.
I can tell you more if you'd like, though I'm not sure you could understand...sometimes one must experience something to truly understand...
How do you find someone you've only met in dreams, in visions? I'm not even sure what her name is...I've only got the name Selyn to go off of, a spirit name. She came to me in a dream, said she was looking for me... why, I'm not sure. Her face fades from memory when i try to think back, but i can still see the crescent moons painted on her cheeks, the white robe with black markings. They seemed to flow as she moved... flowed like water.
I'm not sure what to make of this...