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Name: RhiannonT.F
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ive always had an ability when i was young about 3 i had night terrors beyond night terrors and one night i sat up in bed and talked as if i had been talking for ages and said im sorry all we wanted to do was see her and my mom asked who i replied Rhiannon (witch is me) and then my mom asked who are you and istantly i went back too sleep. it got so bad my mom called a wiccan high priest and had him go into my dreams in my dreams my purple dog was protecting me from an evil spirit when i saw a man in a purple robe who saved me and told me to not be afraid and that my mom would help me and teach me too protect myself when i awoke i told my mom about the magic man (high priest) who came to me and at that point i learned magic somtimes a dark hooded figure would come out of my dreams and haunt me but not until now do i know i had nothing to fear from him i spent 3 months in the hospital for deathly pnamonya i now know he was warning me my mom also said i named myself she was still pregnant with me she says she was casting a spell and i told her my name cool huh. i could tell you so much more but i only have so little space.