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Name: Theodosius
Location: Gstaad, Switzerland
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The human soul is a very complex organ, it is easy to denigrate something as complex and stunning as that organ to a few mechanical neurones whirring away, performing a cold metallic task. I detest the idea of simplifying the intricate or devaluating the vast.
I choose to believe that the human spirit and condition is wired for spirituality, wired for a sense of wonder and warmth when it encounters those corners of our subconscious which are occupied by those silent, primal urges which chant around a fire or breath wild calls into the cold night. There is a sense of community and love that comes from sharing in and respecting the mystical aspect of our heritage which our society seems to have forgotten.
I have absolutely no answers for my spirituality, I have no knowledge of why I feel this way or why it compels me to want to share that feeling with other similar individuals. All I know is that very feeling is immensely awake inside of me, like coals burning in a furnace, in the way that a sweet spiced smell can teleport you back to childhood.
We must put aside our traditional notions of Magick in search of what it profoundly and emotionally means to us, we must follow and discover what the philosophical and internal meaning creeping behind that feeling and that wild call has buried in our souls.