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Name: Arcana99
Birthday: Feb 28 1995
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Gender: Male
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I?m not too interesting, a bit of a recluse but I try to be a little more social, I?m 26 years old, Ive been studying and practicing magic for most of my teenage to adult life. I?m a nature lover and I love to draw mostly creatures, demons and such you can message me but please don?t make frivolous or nonsensical requests that being said I?m open to talking just don?t make it tiresome for me.
I?ve practiced a few varieties of magic and studied quite a few more like elemental, ritual, and dabbled to varying degrees more then once in the darker avenues of magic as I?ve always been drawn to the darker side though I try to keep balance by staying in the middle (the twilight, or grey).
I have made my own spells in the School of Magic that specializes in using it for combat, fighting, and defending oneself in places like your mind, the astral and other spirit realms from demons and other hostile spirits.
Some Deities of my Pantheon:
All-Mother Nature
GodKing: Galomayun God of Light
QueenGoddess: Lio Goddess of Stars
Dahortheron: Deity of Justice