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Name: Starcry216
Birthday: Jan 6 2006
Location: washingtion redmond
Gender: Female
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I do lots of spells, practice of meditation , doing herd spells to cleanse homes or my own school and when a cloudy day comes turns into a sunny day but only before 12:00. I simply like making friends and I even help them out when they are in need. I try to make spells of my own but they always don't work ,so I came here to get advice for how to make a spell.I review the comments on a spell to see if it works but if it doesn't then well I will simply leave. I am nice , friendly , kind , fun , brave , and loves conversations and ( By all Means Loves chocolate chip cookies they are simply the best!) and Like to know when to be needed or being lazy all the time and trying to come up with a spell. I Have ADHD and ASD don't feel bad its just an disorder I will may go over the top but I am human being ( Not a robot or creature of some sort ) But I am not different from anybody else!