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Name: Medici
Birthday: Oct 5 1990
Location: Germany
Gender: Male
Last Seen: Sat, 02 May 2020
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Name: - .. Medi' is fine
Sign: (very) Libra
Believe: Satanist
I can be very social, but its hard to win me over. The thing i need the most is: Time.
I love doing things, i have a lot of hobbys. I do calligraphy and i am pretty good in it. Sports and Music are also good.
I live drug, alcohol, tobacco and violence free.

Did a standart ritual and felt his presence.
Heard him comb through the treeleaves.
Had him ringing a bell in my ears.
Felt him stream through air and cast into my fingertip.
Saw him point the stars in the right direction.
Ave Satanas