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Name: Hoodedleo
Birthday: Jul 2001
Location: Out of jail
Gender: Female
Last Seen: Mon, 15 Jul 2019
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Hide.. and hope to be unnoticed...

That's what my hood's for. -chuckles-

The moon light is my best friend, the sun is my enemy. You have to move quick, stealth is the real trick.

My status:

Current mood: Hungry both for energy and food.

Gender: female

Age: physically 17, spiritually 400 .

SO: Bi sexual, leaning more for males.

Aura color: dark blue or blackish


What i practice:

  • Aura and energy manipulation.
  • Invisibility magic. (not like turning physically invisible, but to be unnoticed.)
  • Revenge and karma magic.
  • Healing rituals
  • Protection magic
  • Love/friendship magic
  • Welsh, Irish, native American, and hispanic mythology.
  • Psychic visions
  • demon and angel guides
  • Dream walking
  • Working with the demonic entities known as the "manakins" and the "Theives"

I normally am a loner. I usually only talk to people if they talk to me. I am very sociable and welcoming, but usually will keep to myself. I am a major introvert. I usually get along better with males over females, however you can still message me if you are female.

I am an artist, i draw mostly how i feel. I sometimes draw my experiences with the paranormal.