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Name: MystHawk
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My name is Allison, i am 28 years old, i have a love of Tarot, and scrying with my crystal ball, i love herblore and healing work. i primarily practice Divination and Protection, as well as herbal healing and energy healing. im still very new to all of this but i am finding my footing very quickly. i live on 50ish acres of heavy forest and wouldn't have it any other way if i had the choice. I have always been drawn to Wicca, i was first awakened when i was around 8 years old but didn't have the words for it, and due to circumstances have only been able to come to my path recently. (see my introduction post for more info) I am always willing to do tarot readings for people, i find that is the best way to hone my skills. i take it seriously though, i have had people approach me for readings from a place of "this should be fun" and there reading was not, particularly relevant. when someone comes from a place of understanding that the tarot is real, and not just for fun my readings tend to be spot on. normally i have the querent shuffle the deck.