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Name: jamielangdon
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Hi, my name is TJ or Jamie and I am currently 17. I am biologically a female, but choose to identify as non-binary. I am a Scorpio and I'm proud to be one. I was born in the year of the snake. I am studying many things on herbology, so I am not an herbalist yet but I am learning. I'm not really that big on religion, so I just kind of move to different religions every now and then. And what I mean by that is I like to learn about different religions, so I'll stay on a certain one for a little while. I actually like to study many different kinds of things, so that I can be well-versed in many different subjects; like mythology, astrology, etc. I'm a very loyal, very introspective, quiet, contemplative, curious, vibrant, imaginative, flexible, friendly, and autistic perfectionist. I like to think that I have a healthy balance of pessimism and optimism. I'm realistic about things, somewhat cautious, positive, gracious, and kind of enthusiastic about life. I am also an extroverted introvert or ambivert who's very protective of their friends and family. So please ask me anything, I'm a huge chatterbox once you get to know me. I'm here to listen if anyone needs to talk.