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Hey, I am 26 years old. I have a beautiful 1 year old little girl, she is my lil mini me she is my world, my angel, my everything. I love her so much. So please if I dont respond right away please dont think im ignoring you im probably taking care of my babygirl. I have been interested and connected with this since I was a little girl! I get along with everybody. Even if your mean to me I will probably be the one trying to make it right. Everyone on here has been so nice so far. Love you guys! Well I really would love to have everyone on this website as my friend. I dont judge anyone, as long as you respect me I will respect you. I enjoy meeting new people and gaining new friends. Thank you and if you need to know anything else about me just ask! XoXo... I have learned sooo much since I have been on this site, and I have met some wonderful friends and I call my family here. I have grown and learned so much already and can't wait to learn sooo much more. I am a student for life. I think one can never learn enough. Thank you to my wonderful teacher and all that have helped me so far, I can't thank you enough. I keep looking forward to learning from you and again thank you...