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Name: 3clipse
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Well first off I'd like to say I suck at introductions. Now that we have that established, hi. I'm 3clipse (Eclipse) I'm 20 years old and I am relatively new to witchcraft and Wicca. I come from a slight Christian background I suppose? But I was always more of a freethinker and could never accept the absolutist ideas of Christianity, not to say I don't respect the religion because I respect all aspects of it, I just feel that it's all like "standing too close to an elephant", so to speak. I promise I'm not as pretentious as I sound, I'm relatively laid back and open-minded, I don't really care if you work with demons or Fae or anything that goes bump in the night, I myself have a connection with Michael the archangel so that's cool. I'm mainly here for research and development of my own abilities, but also to make some friends with the same interest as me and maybe a coven I can learn from(?) Unsure on that last part since I prefer my solitary over hordes of energy but things change, people change.