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Name: Skye5
Birthday: Dec 31 2000
Location: Within all realms of reality
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Hello. My name is Faith, but I am not sure of who I am meant to be. I want to help others, everyone I can that is. I love helping people, but sometimes I can't because I do not have the capabilities of doing specific things. I astral projected 4 times. I can lucid dream too, but I decided I am done with those things. I have had strange things happen to me I am blocking my psychic abilities, because I refuse to embrace them now. I am scared of them... Hobbies- Sword fighting, knife throwing, archery, drawing, painting, playing guitar and piano, dirt biking, super/hyper cars, street bikes, and being a tomboy Likes: Nature, people who are genuine, people who I can be friends with and can be themselves around me, having fun, watching movies, playing video games, working out, being adventurous, people whom share some common interests, philosophy, making songs, being helpful (If possible), inventing new and useful ideas for the new world, Sci-Fi movies, Star Wars, being myself and a whole bunch more... Dislikes: People who bully others, killing animals, I want to learn about: ~Past lives ~Runes ~Ancient Relics/artifacts ~Astral Projection & the Astral Realm ~How to control my psychic abilities ~Different ways of healing others ~How to make spells ~Tarot Cards ---------------------------------------------------CONGRATULATIONS!! HIPP HIPP HURRAY!!! Now you know I'm gay!----------------- "My first life I learned what I am, but every life teaches you a lesson and who you are as a spirit."---Skye Blu "Life is just a way to embrace death... You'll leave... But you'll stay at the same time."---Skye Blu ----------------------------------------============================================================ UPDATE: I need help finding a woman that I keep seeing in dreams... If anyone can help, I would greatly appreciate it if you could mail me or something. And thank you to all of you who read through my bio