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Name: Amara306
Location: Canada
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I love making new friends :) Dont be shy. Like omg!!! Omg!! I say goodbye to my 20?s in August. Cant wait to get my wish list.. whenever that may be. Might take longer for me though? I am locked out of my PayPal. Fudge? why me!!! Argh! I just wanted my stuff on my wish list for my birthday? Yup!!! I am hosting a Death to my 20s next weekend, well the photo shoot anyways. Cake will be on the true date. Hopefully everything turns out great? :) I am more excited about the photo shoot more than anything else.
I am an outgoing, funny chick!! My conversations when I am talking to people kind of turn dirty really quick. It is the way things are said and who says it. It?s dangerous lol

The 10th is my big day!!! Omg! Can’t believe I saying goodbye to my 20’s