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Name: Teran
Location: Alabama
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I am a 49 year old southern female. I've been married to the best man I've ever known for 26 years. We have no children though we wanted them so much. I have empathic abilities that seem to get stronger as i get older and I can feel and sense the presence of ghosts. Sometimes I can see them, sometimes I hear them. It varies. For some reason my empathy centers more on animals. The main reason I've become so interested in natural herbs,and natural healing is because I'm on strong medication and would rather take something that doesn't have the side effects. I'm lucky to have a hubby who supports me in whatever.
Before I became disabled, I was a 4th degree black belt and certified instructor in TaeKwonDo and hubby and I ran out own dojang(school).
I'm very new at this. If you ask for an opinion or input, I will be honest. I do not lie, steal, cheat, or gossip and will not associate with those who do.
I'm not sure of my path but I do know what I want to learn. Being raised Southern Baptist, many things were never discussed or even brought up.
I have dreams that come true a lot,usually dealing with births or deaths.
I also have waking dreams?, I guess like visions. I was driving home from work and saw my hubby being beaten by three men at a warehouse his company owned in a bad part of town. I told him and luckily he didn't have to go the next day to the warehouse. After robbing a convenience store and killing the clerk ,3 men fled in the direction of the warehouse when he would have been there.
Stuff like that happens sometimes especially with hubby but I can't control it. That's also why I'm here.
God bless