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Name: YakoneAupalu
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My name is Yakone Aupaluttak. My name means red aurora in my clans dialect of Inuktitut. I'm female and I'm 20 years old. I am relatively new to magic - only been practicing for 2 years or so - and I'm in the process of creating a book of mirrors and a BOS. I'm fascinated with both black and white magic. As well as crystal magic, moon magic and herbal magic. Deities I worship come from my own culture. They are : Sedna - sea goddess. Crow - created man, sunlight, helped create earth. Alignak -moon diety. Water spirit - fairy. Sky mother - created earth. Akna- goddess of motherhood and fertility. Pinga- goddess of healing and medicine. Even though I work with my own deities, spells, chants and prayers that are SUPPOSED to be dedicated to other deities usually work the same. My spirit guide was granted to me when I officially became a woman on my reserve and earned my face and arm tattoos - her name is Aglala. She's a solid ginger cat with blue eyes. I dream of her constantly and I have enchanted the feathers I wear in my hair with her. I've always been sensitive to different forces I can't see. For example - I feel 4 legged animals get onto my bed sometimes, they walk up and when I turn expecting to see my own cat, there's nothing there. I see shadows moving and stray cats trail me all the time. I love working with sage, stones, and oils. I'm not really one for incense. Thank you for viewing my bio :) Oh one more thing : the woman in my profile picture is Akna