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Im 17 almost 18 Im looking for some very old spells Only certain types Id like to find books to help Im a lil into the fantasy type But if you think about it We wouldnt know about it If it didnt come from somewhere Right? All "myths" and "legends" had To come from somewhere If you want to help me message me for my personal information. I do know where THE necronomicon book is. Im more into runes and symbols I always like yo try the impossible to see what happens Favorite thing to tell people who are afraid to ask You never know till you find out. Im an aquarius Birthstone(s) •Aquamarine •Amethyst •Amber •Angelite •Blue Celestite •Blue Obsidian •Boji Stone •Chrysoprase •Fluorite •Labradorite •Magnetite •Moonstone •Atacamite