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Name: ChocoBonnita
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Been on this site for longer than 5 years. Sassy since birth. I am Aries, fire and a leader. Adventure lover and a traveller. I am everything you are seeking for. Animal lover and their first warrior. Speaking: English, French, Old Slovenian, a little bit of German and a little bit of Latin. Science lover. Music is Art. Art is everything. I am the life's second face. Really sweet and nice, but also a lot of bitter if you mess up with me. Been in the witchcraft world for 6 years. My advice: Message me only for a nice, logical and easy-going conversation. If you want to become a vampire, werewolf, bat, duck or a president of the USA, keep away from the "Send message" button. Btw, I am 21. Memento viviere, dear reader! Always yours, Bonnita. P.S. I am not Spanish, Latino or whatever you judged by my nickname.