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Name: idarkvampire
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*Please read my bio before mailing me.*

Hello! Call me Didi ! I enjoy everything and I am always online but I might take a bit to answer back. It's weird for me to not reply within a day, so if I take that long, chances are the answer is "no". I am apassionate artist , photographer ,and psychiatrist . I am expecting with twin boys , Hayden and Kayden and engaged to my wonderful fiancee , Roman ! And I know my username is weird and very stupid because I made this account at 13. (So don't judge!) I would love to be friends! I have a Psy.D in Psychology , so mail me if you would like to discuss whatever is bothering you. I'm also mentoring very basic beginners of black or white magick. So mail me! However,I won't be able to cast any spells for you due to my pregnancy! My inbox is always open! And yes, I'm an Aries !

But when you mail me follow these steps:

  • Don't send mail without a subject .
  • Don't argue with me. I would love some girl talk,spell talk or just friendly chit-chat! But, I don't want to waste my time arguing!
  • Don't worry about be ing formal or proper. I'm a human too!

A few of my studies in MAGICK

I work with these deities mostly :

  • Goddess Kali
  • Goddess Lilith
  • Lord Lucifer

I often work with:

  • Satanology ( Study of Satan )
  • Paranormal ( Interacting with spirits and helping them )
  • Demonolatry ( Only studying them for now )
  • Dreams ( Study and decoding them )


When hate takes over, turn around and be the defender.

- Shraddha Deepak


I'm an Aries, I was born with my heart on my sleeve, a fire in my soul and a mouth I can't control. Thank you for understanding!

- Unknown