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Hello everyone! My name is Kerlzol!! I am here to learn about magick and become a better Mage. I protect my loved ones and closes friendships, A lot of strange things happen to me so I'm used to it.. I always feel like I'm being watched by someone or something. I watch Cartoons and Anime. I'm a furry and I'm proud to be a furry as well go ahead and make fun of me, I'm used to it./////////// The most powerful magick is Friendship, But I do both Black and white magick! I wanna create new Dna and Creators one day because well I'm good at biology and I like learning about how to create new things. I am into Steampunk I also Make steampunk robots and things like that. I love any type of Rock music at least if its cool! not to slow but it depends on the song and how it sounds. I'm not to picky I promise!! //////////// My imagery friends and real friends are always here for me... I hope! I will always be their for those in need! I may not be to powerful but I have lots of knowledge of Spells and magick. I tried some spells that others have it failed I cant do all magick.. I can do some.. It depends on my level I think! But I always try to do harder ones I'm more strong in I don't know atully huh I tried to think of something..