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Name: Alva_Priest
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Hello, my name is Alva’ster. I am not new here but I mainly like to meet new people and learn new things too. I’m a metal head necromancer who likes horror movies and summonings. I am part of a group I made known as the Proxinian Race. Mainly to help change the world. No nothing fluffy(changing, throwing fireballs, fake magic, etc) I genuinely wish to make an impact. Wish to know more you can talk to me about it. Or just talk to me in generals. I will not talk to those who just feel bored or need someone to teach them. I don’t teach and I am not here to entertain. Magic can’t make anything happen or turn you into a social media monster or some kind of false practitioner. ~Alva’ster D. Wolfenstein~ (or just Alva)